Carrying forward the legacy of her parents, this Unani Specialist has dedicated herself to public health service

Dr Kaenat Zahra – Senior Resident Doctor, Dr Mozaffar Eqbal Memorial & Charitable Hospital, Patna

Born in a family of doctors have got its own advantages. Dr Kaenat Zahra grew up among her doctor parents as well as forefathers who were into public health service for years. As a result, the desire to serve people runs in her blood. In 1998, when Dr Kaenat was 15, her parents started the charitable hospital which is now named after her late father. Patna’s “Dr Mozaffar Eqbal Memorial & Charitable Hospital” indeed have been serving people and providing affordable medical care since inception. This hospital was started by Dr Razia Saheen and Late Dr Mozaffar Eqbal with a capital investment of 3 lakh which now gives a turnover of around 16 lakh annually.

It was always satisfying to see those smiling faces of the patients who returned from their hospital after completion of treatment, and that’s what she has been observing since her childhood, which itself is a great motivational factor to be within this profession and help the poor and needy. Through this family venture, they have been serving humanity and this nation successfully over the years.

Besides managing the charitable hospital, Dr Kaenat is also a senior resident to Imdad Medicare Research Institute (IMRI). She has done her MS (Unani) in OBS & Gynae from CSJMU, UP, followed by PGD Course in Counselling & Rehabilitation from MU Bihar. She also works as an Assistant Professor in OBS & Gynae department for “Sufiya Medical College & Hospital” in Chaikya, Motihari, Bihar. However, Dr Kaenat is proud about the service rendered by her charitable hospital, she says

“It all started as a charity & basically helping out those who could not afford high cost of medical facilities. In last 23 years it has become a trusted name and a centre where one can approach for any type of health issues without having a baggage of treatment cost involved. 25 years back there weren’t any health centre for under privileged in that area where from we started our journey.”

Needless to mention, that Dr Kaenat’s parents have been her greatest inspiration. Their selfless service towards the EWS of the society and never-say-no attitude has shaped up her mentality since her childhood. However, during initial days of her career, she did face societal hindrances to pursue her goals. She didn’t get any kind of helping hand or co-operation from people around her. But then, her self-determination, honesty, hardworking, and faith in self cleared all the obstacles that came across her path. She was quite focused in her objective, and that’s how she advanced in her career.

For all the young medical professionals out there, who wants to make a difference in the society through their exemplary services, need to follow Dr Kaenat’s advice for sure. She feels that positive attitude and noble intention will always lead to a good healthcare professional. But need of modern medical equipment could pose a threat, so one should take care of that first. Besides that, there’s no substitute to hard work. Being empathetic, helping and caring nature is an added advantage to score big in this sector. Being recipient of “Best emerging Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in Patna in 2021”, Dr Kaenat is definitely leading it from the front and has been hope to those thousands of underprivileged who struggles with their medical bills and hence don’t get proper treatment.

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