Churning out happy customers by their dedicated service in interior designing & architecture

Kaviarasu NCB – Founder, KeySpot Designers and Builders

Established in 2017, KeySpot Designers and Builders is an emerging architecture and design firm with three principal spots, namely – Architecture spot, Consulting spot, and Construction spot. This Karur based firm always believe that creative projects require distinctive combination of goal, drive, innovation, skill and technical knowledge. Their services are towards the best to ensure they provide comprehensive solutions for clients that are both pragmatic and extraordinary. It’s a client centric firm that works its best to consult their investment, design their vision and construct a safe and exciting home not just with bricks and beams but with aspiration and dreams. Boasting a diverse blend of knowledge and expertise in architecture, construction and property advisory they are determined towards the goal of providing exemplary services towards providing the best of living spaces.

Kaviarasu NCB, the founder of KeySpot Designers and Builders is a customer focused entrepreneur with experience and expertise. Since, last 6 years, he has been building his firm brick by brick along with his team of engineers and designers. When it comes to construction, the firm visualises customer’s vision, and drive dynamic solutions to reach exceptional results and make a difference to the people and communities that is served. Having a strong track record of construction and engineering projects throughout the town has further helped them to carry forward the legacy.

According to Kaviarasu,

“Design services are our core activity and we are passionate about good design and seeking solutions that add value for our clients. Every project we work on delivers a distinctive, high quality architectural response, which is underpinned by a clear design philosophy.”

The firm is known to create 2D plan, 3D plan, landscape designing and walkthroughs for various projects undertaken. The company also offers a unique combination of multi-disciplinary capabilities to execute technically complex projects with high quality engineering and construction skills. And when it comes to refurbishing or retrofitting, KeySpot is one of the most respected and active specialist contractors in the town. It has delivered numerous complex refurbishments, often in occupied buildings.

Styling a space requires detail, creativity and time. No matter what style or vision the client has in his mind, dedicated designers from KeySpot will bring it to life. The firm has worked on everything from modern hospitality venues to sleek office spaces incorporating juts the right amount of nature. Its residential styling services incorporate clean lines and cosy furnishings to provide a home that is both beautiful and inviting, have earned a lot of kudos.

KeySpot is currently working on 40 projects with 15 young talented architects onboard. Specialising in residential, commercial and retail space designs, it stands apart in having in-depth understanding of client’s psyche. What they like and what they need are perfectly matched in the final outcome, thereby generating happy customers in every project handled.

Kaviarasu feels that the future prospect lies in multi-storeyed building development and public spaces. He is thus working towards the same. His passion for design and love for architecture, compelled him to pursue this line of business and be an entrepreneur. Ar Sanjay Puri’s work inspires him a lot.

Even though he had to face some struggles at the initial stage of his business, unconditional support from his family made him strong and encouraged to move forward. He feels time management and handing tough situation is something that helped him to sail through the difficult times of entrepreneurial journey. Residence of Mr Chinnasamy Subramanian will always be special to him, as it was the first commissioned project to his firm, and the client was supportive and gave him full independence to carry out their design concept.

According to Kaviarasu, understanding client’s needs is the base of every design concept, hence it is vital and essential. To succeed in this field, perseverance and knowledge is essential. So, one who is hardworking and has basics in place can actually excel in this line of business. Being the recipient of the “Fastest growing business award” by IAC, and “Creative awards – Best design in residential category”; Kaviarasu is elated and feels that one should never stop learning, as everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.