On a mission to spread awareness and educate people about healthy happy lifestyle

Pooja Ganesh – Founder, Fit Karnataka Mission

Pooja Ganesh, a certified dietitian and international certified health coach, founded Fit Karnataka Mission in 2022, with a noble mission of informing people about home food, home exercise and mental stress, and thereby bring a change in their lifestyle and get rid of diseases of hundreds to thousands of people and bring smile to them and their families.

In 2016, she had a menstrual cycle problem and as per the doctor’s advice she was scanned and PCOD was detected, without knowing anything about it. As days went by, her weight increased and besides other problems like acne on face, hair loss, growth of hair on face, and menstrual problems caused her mental stress. The weight had significantly increased from approximately 48 kg to 74 kg. Along with the PCOD problem due to mental stress, there was a decrease in blood pressure in the body, a lack of white blood cells, and a lack of infertility. When the medicine was reduced, the same problem reappeared again and again. She got exhausted and, in the process, had to shell out lots of money for treatment, but health didn’t improve. She was disheartened with her situation, however, certain articles on internet raised hope. She came across videos of Dr BM Hegde and gave it a try. In around 2020, she then delved into the study of food and nutrition and improved the health of hundreds of people just by making small lifestyle changes. That’s when the concept of Fit Karnataka Mission came to her mind.

In the pursuit of work and career, so many people underestimate and neglect health. And when diagnosed with lifestyle diseases then we realize the value of real wealth. Only if we have health we can enjoy every aspect of life, that’s where Fit Karnataka Mission comes into play. They create awareness among general public about leading a healthy lifestyle. The main objective is to make people of every origin of Karnataka aware of health and food, turn food into medicine and bring positive change in their lifestyle.

Nutritionist Pooja is an emerging, young and one of the best-known Nutritionist & Lifestyle coach in Karnataka who aims at serve people with sustainable solutions in achieving their fitness goals and helping them in enhancing their health performance. She is certified clinical nutritionist and internationally certified health coach. She has done her specialization in lifestyle coaching. She thoroughly believes that in the changing time the definition of health is much beyond only achieving a particular body shape & weight. Therefore, defined it as “Food as Medicine “. There are so many other important parameters which need attention and focus. She further believes that there are no shortcuts to health goals, and one needs to invest their respective time and dedication for being fit.

She is strictly against starving and other fad diets and recommends sustainable food habits which include loads of local foods and traditional cuisines. The major incorporation in her diet plans is “Home Cooked Foods” with focus on not only weight management but also being attentive towards patients’ health conditions such as thyroid, diabetes, PCOS, cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure management. She also is an expert in prescribing specific diets for kids’ nutrition, sportspersons, young children, pregnant and lactating mothers. Go Local, Go Traditional, Learn Sustainability is her mantra.

She finds inspiration in Deepak Chopra for mind power. With a mission to reach 10 lakh people of Karnataka and educate them about healthy happy lifestyle, her venture is marching ahead to help people adopt good habits, lifestyle changes for an everlasting health and fitness. Statistics say that almost 88% of families are unhealthy or suffering from lifestyle diseases, which needs to be improved and she has taken the onus of the same.

For her exemplary service to the state, she has been felicitated and recognised. Bollywood actor Mandira Bedi awarded her ‘International Certified Health Coach’ in Ahmedabad. She also bagged ‘ACFA Best Nutritionist of the Year 2023’ from Prathivraj in Bangalore. Also, Bollywood Nutrition Coach Shivangi Desai awarded her ‘Bootcamp Warrior’ in Mount Abu.