College Friends Turned Business Partners: The Inspiring Journey of Nilesh Parker & Dhwaj Kulkarni

The Dynamic Duo: Nilesh Parker & Dhwaj Kulkarni—Transforming Design Dreams into Reality

Nilesh Parker and Dhwaj Kulkarni make the perfect team, with Nilesh envisioning captivating designs and Dhwaj transforming them into tangible realities. United by their shared approach to innovation and efficiency since their college days, they embarked on a journey to establish their own architecture and interior design firm.

Their venture began in 2019, and presently, they successfully manage their own Architecture & Interior Design firms. The duo has honed their expertise in commercial and residential architecture, as well as interiors, hospitality, industrial design, and planning.

Nilesh and Dhwaj are committed to bringing their clients’ ideas and goals to fruition, demonstrating unwavering dedication to time, quality, and design. Their passion for design, coupled with innovative thinking, fueled their decision to start their own business. While they draw inspiration from various designers, it is Charles Correa’s simplicity that truly captivates them.

As entrepreneurs, they faced numerous challenges in securing projects and executing them flawlessly. However, through their unwavering dedication and innovative ideas, they have established a reputation for exceptional design and fostered strong client relationships.

In the early stages, their profession demanded nothing more than a deep passion for their craft, and hard work was an essential component to kickstart their business.

When asked how Nilesh Parker & Dhwaj Kulkarni identified opportunities in the market, they emphasized the vast scope for designers to innovate and introduce new ideas. Every project holds immense sentimental value to them, but their very first design project still brings a radiant smile to their faces.

Both Nilesh Parker & Dhwaj Kulkarni firmly believe that sustainable and green architecture should form the fundamental essence of every design. Understanding a client’s psychology and requirements is crucial to them since it is the client who will ultimately use the space. Failing to fulfill these requirements and create a comfortable environment for their clients’ everyday routines would result in an unsatisfactory project.

They also share a strong conviction that hard work is the sole key to success. While they advocate for embracing novelty, they firmly believe in never forgetting one’s roots along the journey.