Utilising an integrated architectural approach to produce happy clients

This Bangalore based interior and architectural design firm is adding new dimensions to their service through holistic approach. Let’s find out what went behind creating such amazing venture.

Established in 2021, Yugen Design Space is an emerging full-service architecture, interiors, landscape and design firm based in Bangalore undertaking projects pan India. Over the past year it has established itself as a multidisciplinary firm and an award winning one as well. Yugen is known for its unique architecture and interior designing style in green vertical, intricacy as a journey around each client’s taste. Creating “zeal-like experiences” for the users and helping them visualize the same as a part of the design journey is the firm’s fundamental goal. It specializes in residential, commercial, mixed-use, urban-landscape, restoration and hospitality projects.

Vaishnavi T, the founder of Yugen is a very artistic person. With an on-field experience of 7 years and a lifetime experience on engineering and construction from her civil engineer father since childhood, she opened her own venture to provide clients the best-in-class design. Since her childhood, she visited several construction sites with her dad, which itself piqued her interest and thus ended up pursuing Architecture as her profession. According to her Architecture as a subject is an amalgam of Science and Arts.

Making everyone feel in their spaces and cultivate that in their lifestyle, is what Yugen does. Striving to keep people grounded with their subtle thoughts and at peace. Spaces hold so much energy and power, it can shift one’s energy, feelings in an instant. This whole journey of creating something from scratch and materializing that in the real world for a lifetime is such a power packed process.

Currently the firm has expanded and is working towards making two more verticals as a turnkey firm in architecture & construction and bespoke artistic store for decor respectively in this niche segment. This has also helped them crack the material configurations in a build format which is in the patent process. Vaishnavi feels, the design element of holistic architecture helps people to build a thought process of a new dimension where the PLANET+ SOUL EXPERIENCE goes hand in hand. As we know that the air, land, earth, water is borrowed from our future generation but not an inheritance from our forefathers which makes us realize that we need to hand over this planet the way at least it was handed over to us. Making Holistic architecture a way of living.

According to Vaishnavi, “We make sure to formulate the requirements of the client without compromising the cityscape planning of the world, from micro to macro level planning. Understanding client perspective is key here.” She considers Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava as a great inspiration in her field of work, as these legends are known to make bold statements through their design.

Like any entrepreneur, Vaishnavi too has seen ups and downs in her journey so far. Client disregarding a value of design curated by professional designer is the biggest challenge which she keeps facing. Again, building the right team with an aligned thought process has always been the learning curve as we live in a social evolution right now, which makes mental health very important and hence the need to be very conscious about the same at all times.

What makes an entrepreneur stand apart is her zeal to learn, grow and expand. She keeps learning from each project she finishes. In a very quick succession of time, Yugen gained the right spotlight in the industry for its exemplary service. In 2021 & 2022, it was identified as “Upcoming & Promising Interior Designer of the year, Karnataka for Residential Projects”, followed by “Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards & Conference”. In 2022, Vaishnavi was adjudged as “Trendsetter Women Interior Designer and Entrepreneur of the year, Karnataka for Outstanding Design Consultancy” and received “The great Indian Entrepreneurship Business, Design & Startup Awards” too.