Crafting Vision, Driving Business: The Success Story of Reflection Matters

Sharath Kumar L and Swathi S, the Founders and Principal Architects of Reflection Matters, located in the vibrant city of T.Nagar, Chennai, embody a profound passion for architecture that led them to establish their thriving architectural firm in 2018. Their journey, marked by relentless dedication and a shared vision, has seen the fruition of over 25 successful projects and earned them accolades as a rising architectural and interior design firm.

Sharath Kumar’s trajectory into architecture stems from an early fascination with creation, initially envisioning a path in science before discovering a deep admiration for crafting furniture alongside his family. This early exposure ignited a passion for transforming ideas into tangible, beautiful structures, leading him to pursue architecture during his college years. Swathi’s journey, on the other hand, was sparked by an innate appreciation for beauty and unique endeavors, which ultimately culminated in her pursuit of architecture, driven by an encouraging teacher and her own curiosity.

Reflection Matters specializes in modern, contemporary, and sustainable interiors, distinguishing itself by customizing designs to reflect each client’s distinct preferences. They excel in understanding and articulating unspoken design needs, ensuring that every project results in a personalized space that resonates with the client’s aspirations.

Their impact extends beyond individual projects. Through their prolific social media presence, particularly on Instagram, they’ve garnered a substantial following and inspired individuals to embrace sustainable design principles. Their commitment to using environmentally friendly materials further demonstrates their dedication to responsible architecture.

While the journey wasn’t without its challenges – starting with no contacts, financial safety net, or established business strategy – Sharath and Swathi persevered, turning setbacks into valuable lessons. Their resilience and determination laid the groundwork for their success, propelling them forward despite initial insecurities.

The architects attribute their inspiration to the legendary Architect B.V. Doshi, whose blend of modernity and tradition resonates deeply with their design philosophy. Sharath’s analytical thinking and determination, coupled with Swathi’s vibrant personality and communication skills, form a complementary partnership that drives the company’s growth and success.

Their commitment to sustainability aligns with the evolving trend towards green architecture. They believe in not just incorporating sustainable practices but also educating and spreading awareness about their importance in the community.

For budding architects and designers, they emphasize focus, understanding strengths, and market dynamics as pivotal for success. Their achievements, including being recognized as “Rising & Promising Architectural Design & Interior Design Firm of the Year 2022” and “Top 25 Most Promising Designer India 2022,” are testaments to their dedication and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

The story of Reflection Matters is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication in carving a unique niche in the architectural landscape. Their journey exemplifies the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence, setting a remarkable example for aspiring architects and designers worldwide.