Creating amazing functional living space with no compromise on aesthetics

Sakthi Anchana M – Founder, Pinnacle Foundation, Chennai

Pinnacle Foundation is a Chennai based architectural firm, which is formed through a progressive team of experts who has challenged the conventional way of thinking and thus given a new dimension to design. In the field of construction, it has set a benchmark in innovation and quality to add unmatched competence. The internal quality control crew embraces strict compliance with all regulations. Specialized in Residences, Apartments and Commercial Space planning, Interior Designing and Master Planning, this particular firm has quickly climbed up to prominence. Over a period of time the company has undertaken development of its own apartment projects as well as contracting, construction of bungalows, industrial units, etc. It has constructed more than 2.15 lakh sq. ft. built up area in and around Chennai. Whereas, more than 45,000 sq. ft. built up area is in the pipe line.

Sakthi Anchana M, the founder of Pinnacle Foundation, is a person who was always fascinated from a very young age about buildings and how it was constructed which made her pursue the field of architecture. Her keen interest in this field led her to finally open her new venture in November 2020. And since then, it has completed 24 projects, whilst currently 9 projects are running live. She believes that through her firm, she is helping the society realize its dreams and thereby creating an improved state of living.

Pinnacle Foundation specialises in villas and apartments, and is known for creating some amazing functional living spaces with no compromise on aesthetics. In the coming days, their focus area is more towards affordable living with best-in-class amenities. However, the core objective of the firm remains intact, which is to ensure people have their dream houses. Because, house is that emotional nest which one creates once in a life time with his life’s income and it replicates his lifestyle and personality.

Sakthi idolises B V Doshi in her professional life. He is an important figure in Indian architecture and noted for his contributions to the evolution of architectural discourse in India, and is the only Indian to have won the Prestigious PRITZKER award. His style and work inspire Sakthi to a greater extent.

Like any entrepreneur, Sakthi too had her pain points. Imagining and designing a project and making sure about the outcome is the same as the idea. More importantly convincing the clients to bring the design into reality has been a challenging task for her.

However, understanding client and the nuances in their requirements can strengthen the outcome of the project. Understanding that people wanted more than just a house but a living that is a harmony between luxury and functionality, can create a huge opportunity in the market. She not only puts her ideas into the design but also brings in the client’s lifestyle and needs into it, thereby giving it a wholesome touch and appeal. One of her initial projects was a container café and this was a great experience to work with a material which is different from the conventional building design, as a result the project is very close to her heart.

She feels,

“Green architecture is not just using green building materials but also trying to incorporate traditional methods of construction as most of our traditional structures are self-sustaining. I derive my inspiration from such places.”

And to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability, green architecture is the future. She has won the title of “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – International Brilliance Award 2022” and takes pride on the same. Her message to all newbies in this line of business is that design spaces based on the site, the client and the requirement and not have preconceived design notions.