Breaking the industry stereotypes through her achievements

Mandeep Kaur Bains & Kripal Anand – Founders, Lotus D’ziners, Jalandhar

Lotus D’ziners is an architectural and interior design studio started by an architect and interior designer Mandeep Kaur Bains in 2009. She believes that her firm is not selling a point of view, except that good design, regardless of style is important. The firm brings together all team members, including architects, interior designers and landscape architects, early principals; this contributes to the ultimate success of any project. She enjoys fulfilling clients’ needs, budgets and aesthetic aspirations in a way that satisfies their dreams. According to her,

“I love the process of working with the builders and owners during construction, making everything actually better as each challenge arises. Today, I work closely with clients to integrate sustainable architecture and simple, elegant interior design into their projects.”

Since inception, Lotus D’ziners have been happily offering buildings, interior design and construction services to its clients. Specialised in residential design, they are helping society to shape up with their custom living spaces that offers them comfortable and healthier living environment. Offering unique design has been the forte, and with super creative and enthusiastic team, developing such out-of-box design concepts have become their habit. In coming days, the focus area would be energy efficiency buildings, which the firm is working hard on.

Mandeep feels that the main reason why most people want to become their own boss is the freedom, satisfaction and flexibility it offers them. Nothing beats the freedom of being the boss, and with freedom comes the flexibility to make own schedule and not answerable to anyone. One is also satisfied in making their own decision, big or small. Even though, starting own business can be risky, but that’s something worth trying.

Throughout her entrepreneur career, Mandeep draws major influence from her mother. She was a working woman and managed her professional and personal life so well that it inspired her to be a professional woman. She has taught her more than she could have learnt from any book. She sets an inspirational example to her teaching how to live life and make wise choices.

As an entrepreneur it was really hard to find market fit and finding clients with good taste and understanding. Budget constraints, communication issues, made it exceptionally difficult to come up with a great design. However, with time things changed and people understood her design abilities and started appreciating. While starting by own might sound fascinating, some basic stuffs should be kept in mind. Starting own business can be quite flexible to work at home, in an office, or shared workspace. Being an entrepreneur one can set own working hour, choose the kind of staff that fits well, and pursue the career path of one’s dream.

Mandeep feels that putting creative idea into action and making it a reality is her uniqueness, which comes in with a unique business idea that’s the reason why people are successful. Passionately flexing her way to achieve dreams and ambitions. Design ability is something that everyone has, to some extent, because it is embedded in our creativity as a natural cognitive function. When she ventured into the design industry, she realized that it was largely perceived to be a masculine game and this added fulfil to her motivation as she decided to break the prejudiced bias silently through her achievements.

She thinks that the purpose of green architecture and sustainable designs is to reduce a building’s environmental impact. To achieve this goal, organizations are turning to innovative building solutions that can help protect and heal the earth which is indeed needed step to save our environment. The efficiency of buildings with regards to the use of water, energy and materials while reducing the building’s impact on individual’s health and the environment through better design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal.

Listening to clients in order to fully appreciate what they want from an architect is      fundamental, and is the essential first step in a productive working relationship. The client-architect relationship has to be very carefully managed. To get the best out of it, the architect needs to understand how clients work their ambitions and their drivers. Experienced practitioners commonly point to the very beginning of a project as being the stage where clear communication between clients and architect is most important. It is here that the architect’s experience, design skills and ingenuity can add value to a project.

After giving her 15 years to this industry she is now recipient of some prestigious recognitions. She has bagged Asia’s Leading Senoras Award 2022 Women Excellence Award, Asia’s Top 100 influential Women 2023 by Diva Planet magazine, and Emerging Architectural Practice in Kitchen Design by PISCES. She advices all the youngsters to follow their passion. The right kind of inspiration will always help to come up with creative and unique ideas for the projects.