Creating Meaningful Spaces & fulfilling the Needs of the Inhabitant, matching their lifestyle

Parthiban Selvaraj – Founder, Wow Zone Interiors

With an objective of providing good interior design work that evokes happiness and soothes soul, Wow Zone Interiors was set up in 2015 in Chennai, and since then they have been successfully churning out delighted customers through every project they undertake. Since inception they have successfully and proudly completed over 480 individual projects and swiftly marching towards converting it into 500. Since happy spaces can inspire confidence, empathy, pride, creativity, security and energy, Wow Zone is on a mission to create meaningful spaces that would fulfil the needs of the inhabitant and optimize their living space as per lifestyle and taste.

Parthiban Selvaraj, the founder of Wow Zone Interiors is more into contemporary designing style which has been the foundation for every customization he has offered to his clients. Their costing and the quality of the materials used for clients has been the USP in a highly competitive market. According to Parthiban,

“We work on their budget with 40% lesser cost on bill while comparing with competitors, we have our own factory to build materials which helps us to reduce the costing and increase the quality of materials.”

There has been a stereotype thinking in layman’s mind that customisation of the home with interior designers is expensive affair. And Wow Zone is here to get rid of this misconception and prove otherwise. In fact, in the coming days the middle and lower middle-class people can even do interiors which will help the firm to reach every nook and corner of the country. That’s how hopeful Parthiban is and foresees the market accordingly.

While working as an employee of a company, one puts in all the hard work toward in achieving the goals of someone else. A sense of achievement is missed out by many employees who work at lower hierarchy levels. Upon establishing a new business, entrepreneurs work toward achieving their own goals. Entrepreneurs enjoy a great sense of achievement by reaching their goals and are further motivated to set new goals. A sense of achievement at various stages of the business life cycle motivated Parthiban to take the risk of setting up his business, which eventually paid off.

Hailing from a lower middle-class family, and starting one’s own venture wasn’t easy. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, cash flow was must for the survival of the big family. Parthiban’s initial hardships weren’t easy to handle. He worked at nights in a call centre and by morning he was all up and fully committed towards sending proposals and designs to the clients. Today that hard work and perseverance has paid off, Wow Zone Interiors is now a widely known brand in Tamil Nadu. He is professionally inspired by Kelly Wearstler, and has studied her works very proficiently.

The first project which Parthiban had undertaken will always be special in his memory. The client was aware that they were new to the industry and was very considerate and coordinated well after completion of the project. The client, Mr Babu Thangappan, even gifted him a two-wheeler, which was very emotional and heart-warming gesture. It has been Parthiban’s communication skill that helped him to instantly connect with people around. Be it his team-member, vendor or client, he doesn’t shy away from connecting with them and share his point-of-views.

With changing business dynamics, studying consumer behaviour and their preferences is very important as it involves how customers use and dispose of products as well as how they make decisions to purchase. Consumer-driven psychology and marketing actually helps to stay ahead of competition. Building with purposeful energy saving, low energy building, utilizing the ecologically clean energy sources with healthy indoor climate, based on the basis of the ecologically clean materials and their ecologically clean manufacturing processes with a monitored reduction of emissions production, is something Parthiban would love to work on, in order to keep up with the trend of green practices in his field of work.

Before signing off, he shares some practical tips to the youngsters in this line of work – one should be thoroughly knowledgeable with the theory, gain experience in a firm, attend leadership classes and then can either continue working for a firm or startup with one’s own.




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