Dr Meghanath Yenni’s Story to Success

Dr Meghanath Yenni ( is a 37-year-old Doctor who has been practicing medicine since the age of 30. The current turnover of the hospital is 60 to 80 Lakhs per annum. Dr Meghanath Yenni believes that everybody loves to become successful not just professionally, but in their overall business because when you become successful, you do it for yourself, but when your business becomes successful, it gives back to society.

First Choice was founded in 2014 and the hospital is currently growing and expanding regularly. It impacts society in the simplest manner by helping people lead healthier lives. Dr Meghanath Yenni runs a stand-alone speciality clinic and works for a reputed corporate hospital. The USP of the hospital is that it offers precise treatment alongside the best advice.

Dr. B Soma Raju, a renowned cardiologist in Hyderabad is Dr Meghanath Yenni’s inspiration  and idol. As an entrepreneur, Dr Meghanath Yenni struggled in creating an establishment and making it successful. It was also very tough to distinguish professional life and personal life because both are interlinked and impact one another. Working capital and a strong clinical team were also required to run the business successfully.

What makes Dr. Meghanath Yenni a unique entrepreneur is the power of being reasonable and realistic.

Dr Meghanath Yenni also believes that the biggest criteria for success is not hard work, but patience and perseverance. Dr Meghanath Yenni’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is to aim for maximum reach and minimal profit. First Choice has won Academic Excellence Award.

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