Dr. Queen Gogoi Seeks To Set The Vision Right, Through Her Teachings And Objectives

Hailing from a middle-class family, Dr. Queen Gogoi, now a senior medical and health officer in Assam, knew how much care those residing in the backdrop of the society or rural community needed.

Taking her inspiration from this situation, to get out of the circumstances, she worked hard and got into the medical profession. She pledged to serve the community of the rural areas dedicating her knowledge and experience to them.

Why? Because being a doctor means serving mankind. During her graduation days, she noticed how children below the age of fourteen suffered from blindness and acute visual impairment, it prompted her to initiate a program called “Vision 2020: The right side” with like-minded people.

Seeing the lack of communication, absence of modern technical support in the rural area for the screening of eyes, she took up the task to mend the site that was blindsided by many.

She took ophthalmology as her post-graduation residential program to fill the gap that lay between rehabilitating those in need and the inability to do so.

Her achievement and zeal to help the poor landed her with the Global Icon Award presented by Brand Opus. As a result, she has created the ‘road map’ one needs to repair the broken chord. 

The struggles she faced:

Being the eldest of the five children, she had to confront many issues. The zeal to prove herself after seeing her parents compromise for her sake, made her put her all into the path she had chosen.

The Rocky Road of her childhood led her to a smoother transition where she can lay the path for those who are in need. Her socialistic outlook on life and support made her travel to orphanages and SOS villages whenever she has free time.

Providing the care one needs is the goal that she wants to accomplish through her attained skills and knowledge. When asked about her dedication, she claimed

 “During Covid-19 pandemic always tried to give selfless service at various screening and quarantine centers as a mark of contribution and the fight against covid”.

But that is not all.

What she tends to accomplish:

The objective of Dr. Queen Gogoi is to fill the gap that lack of initiative has left on the north-east side of India.

Through her post-graduation days, she observed the need for skilled ophthalmologists and screening equipment in the remote villages whose one day’s worth of wage used to go on decent screening.

To save them from these complications, she thinks, a strategic plan is needed. A plan that would incorporate special screenings clinics, a fully equipped pathological and microbiological lab, a diabetic clinic, if possible, a community outreach service too.

Words of wisdom to the aspiring ophthalmologist:

When asked about what advice she would give to the budding ophthalmologist, she quoted Jonathan swift’s famous line “vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”, further incorporating her ideal into it.

“There is no rest until we achieve our goal, so keep your goals set and keep your hard work and dedication on and on”

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