Embrace Discomfort: Wisdom from Mirza Rizwan Baig

The Journey to Success: Design Grid Studio’s Inspiring Climb

Climbing the Ladder to Success: The Inspiring Story of Design Grid Studio

Mirza Rizwan Baig, one of the founders of Design Grid Studio, embarked on his journey right from his school days. Having been a student at Chirec Public School from KG to 12th grade, Baig’s fascination with buildings, planning, and façade designs took root during his time there. He meticulously observed the structures around him, particularly his school, renowned as one of the finest in the city.

Analyzing every space and pondering over the reasons behind its planning, Baig also scrutinized building elevations and façade treatments, contemplating if these structures could be enhanced in design. This burgeoning interest led Baig to pursue Architecture, which provided him with a deeper understanding of the subject.

After completing his graduation, Baig worked for a company where he gained experience in various projects, spanning residential, commercial, and institutional sectors. His involvement ranged from the planning stage to interior design. Since his early days of exploring architecture, Baig dreamt of having his own firm working on diverse project types, a dream that has now become a reality.

Baig considers this only the beginning of his journey, with much more to explore, learn, and grow in the future. In 2019, he founded Design Grid Studio alongside his co-founder Paras Bharti. Today, their portfolio boasts more than two dozen projects, including villas, gated communities, apartments, and commercial stores.

Baig believes that providing the right design and offering comprehensive support throughout the project is a solution in itself, even on a micro level. The brand’s unique selling proposition lies in faithfully replicating the concepts finalized with their clients.

Ar. Anwar Aziz, Baig’s inspiration, was the person with whom he interned. From him, Baig imbibed the essence of passion, understanding the importance of detailing, and the philosophy that no task is too small or too big; work is simply work and should be approached with equal energy.

Baig acknowledges that an entrepreneur’s journey is riddled with obstacles and struggles, which are integral parts of the process. It is crucial to be prepared to face and overcome these challenges, as they ultimately contribute to personal and professional growth.

He has learned that staying within the confines of a comfort zone hinders growth. To truly progress, one must embrace discomfort and push oneself beyond self-imposed boundaries. Baig emphasizes that personal growth requires self-motivation, as no one else can do it for you.

Family also plays a vital role in the entrepreneurial journey, according to Baig. With his wife being an architect herself, she understood the challenges that lay ahead, providing unwavering support that positively impacted his work and mental well-being.

Baig believes that maintaining strong relationships with clients is one of his strengths. In the service industry, satisfying clients is no easy feat, yet his brand boasts a significant number of repeat clients, a testament to their satisfaction. The renovation of the Lasa Lamsa tea store holds a special place in Baig’s heart.

Understanding the psychology of clients is paramount before commencing any project. Design solutions depend on their input and background. Baig’s team invests ample time in casual conversations with clients, gaining deeper insights into their lifestyles and preferences, enabling them to deliver precisely what clients desire.

In conclusion, Baig firmly believes that success does not come by staying within a comfort zone. It is necessary to embrace discomfort, as true growth and achievement lie beyond the familiar.