Meeting Client Needs through Innovative Design Solutions: A Focus of Array Interiors

Aradhana Sultania, the owner of Array Interiors (, has always had a deep passion for artistic drawings and sketches. Her fascination with space planning and design led her to pursue a career in architecture and interior designing. With a strong desire to work independently, Aradhana joined forces with her husband, who possessed extensive knowledge about materials, and together they established Array Interiors.

Since its inception in 2010, Array Interiors has specialized in residential interiors. However, over the years, the business has expanded its scope to include designing commercial spaces and more. Aradhana firmly believes that interior design has the power to bring uniqueness and character to any environment, making it a vital aspect of creating personalized spaces for clients.

One of the key challenges Aradhana faced as an entrepreneur was competition within the industry. It was during this time that she realized the importance of developing a strong unique selling proposition (USP) for her business. Aradhana recognized that addressing people’s budget constraints and offering cost-effective design solutions became her distinguishing factor in the market. Her unwavering commitment to work, vast knowledge, and valuable experience have contributed to making Aradhana a unique and successful entrepreneur. Every project she undertakes holds significant meaning to her, but she holds a particularly special place in her heart for the first project she ever worked on.

According to Aradhana, understanding the requirements, preferences, and budgets of clients is crucial in establishing trust and successfully designing their spaces. She emphasizes that each client is unique, and taking the time to comprehend their individual needs is paramount, given the extended period of 3-6 months spent collaborating closely with them during the design process.

Aradhana imparts a valuable lesson to aspiring architects and designers—to trust themselves and their creative instincts. She firmly believes that self-confidence and self-belief are essential for achieving success in the field. By embracing their own unique vision and abilities, budding architects and designers can unlock their full potential and create remarkable designs that leave a lasting impact.