Employing Others Through Her Own Self-employance, Ms. Jagannath Created A Space For Others And Her Own

The concept of spreading the talent of a local artist on a global level is one of the most popular visions that promote national growth. This contemporary concept has been taken up by many entrepreneurs, however, none of them can come close to Anusha Jagannath, the director of Kalaashcharya, that has created an open space where the local artists and designers can sell their handmade products.

Having a keen interest in becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Jagannath strived to enter the entrepreneurial world with her knowledge and experience gained from Stanford University online program. Gaining familiarity in the corporate field, she chose a field that resonated with her. Keeping in mind the need to create something that would help her natives and grow, she shifted her focus on helping the native talents thrive through their articulation of aesthetics.

With her organization, Kalaashcharya, she created a place where the gap between the lack of knowledge about these local vendors and their potential buyers was minded. By helping the possible star with a space to thrive, she is not only giving rise to the native talents but promoting the sense of a cultural aspect of her nativity.

The Impact The Enterprise Created

The main aspect behind formulating her enterprise was mainly to connect the hidden gems with probable and potential buyers. Through her enterprise, one can reach and savor the aesthetic representation.

Through this connection of the bridge established by Ms. Jagannath, one can understand and appreciate the cultural heritage too. Kalaashcharya not only seeks to establish a bond between the buyers and native sellers but also tends to close the cultural gaps between them.

“( It ) helps in growing local businesses to sell their products worldwide and online. ( It ) Helps in the growth of the country’s economy. ( It ) provides sustainable international business and creates a worldwide platform for Indian products and artists.

She has created an opening for the local community to come and sell their products on an international platform. So far, the site has promoted products such as jewelry, homemade foods, organic soaps, paintings, stone carvings, crochet items, clothes, brass items, and more.

Through her opening of the domain where many artists can gather, an opportunity has arisen where they don’t have to struggle anymore. Understanding the struggle of these artists and local vendors behind getting even a profitable return, she took the matter into her own hands to inaugurate a niche as she had the means and the heart.

What Fueled Her Imagination

Knowing how deprived these artists are, she ventured in this tough path to make the dreams of these local artists and vendors come true.

“Self-employment and providing employment to others is something that not everyone can do. By this, we not only learn to work hard and broaden our boundaries but also inculcate the habit of being proactive to give back something to society.”

Taking inspiration from Ratan Tata, Robert Bosch, she ventured to do good for those who need a helping hand.

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