He had the fire burning within him. He used it to light the life of the youth who went astray from the path of learning

He had a promising career as a computer engineer but chose to impart the knowledge he had gained. Let’s read on to find out the endeavor of one person who wanted to set a good example in educational culture and inspire the youth of the nation.

As youngsters, all of us undergo an educational program intending to establish ourselves in the professional world to earn a hefty pay package. However, Mr. Bipin Ganpatlal Pardeshi had a different motto altogether for attaining a degree in computer engineering.  

Though he was pursuing computer engineering from one of the best institutes in India, he secretly nurtured the desire to become a professor in an engineering educational establishment.  He felt the dearth of sincere teachers to stimulate the students’ learning skills and encourage them to attain their maximum potentials.  His parents were his source of inspiration and supported him with his career decision.  His father was his role model, who instilled good moral values and encouraged him to set a good example for society.

Mr. Bipin Ganpatlal Pardeshi has the art of drawing students to the love of learning and stimulating them to adopt a technical bent of mind. He took to teaching to develop the students’ thinking abilities and induce technological proficiency. He strongly believes that learning is an ongoing process, which does not discriminate against people based on their age.     

During the initial stages, he had to encounter struggles.  It was challenging to attract the attention of the withdrawn students.  He felt the need to transform the teaching methodology to entice students to participate actively in the curriculum.  Mr. Bipin innovated new teaching strategies each day to keep the students alive in the class.  Though the course curriculum remains the same, alternating the teaching style can keep the students involved.  His lucid and easy explanation is directed to imprint the bookish knowledge permanently.   He would spend hours creating interesting class presentations to improve his teaching skills.

“In the initial days of teaching, students didn’t pay attention and used to find my lecture boring, then I worked on it and changed my teaching strategies and improved my teaching skills. Then onwards, I devoted myself to teaching,” says Mr. Bipin Ganpatlal Pardeshi in a chat with Kenfolios.

Today, he has established himself as one of the most renowned engineering professors in India. He has attained innumerable awards for his contribution to academics.  The Maharashtra Government has recognized him as the Best Lecturer in 2004 and awarded him for the same.  The Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi, awarded him with Rashtriya Vidya Gaurav Puraskar 2016 Award.  Again in 2019, the Maharashtra State Government bestowed him with the Best Teacher Award for his outstanding achievements in the field of Education.

According to Mr. Bipin Ganpatlal Pardeshi, teaching is an expression of your soul, and education is the pillar of a flourishing nation. It is a matter of pride to contribute to the development of the nation with our knowledge. 

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