How this veterinary doctor helped his local farmers go from spending bucks to saving bucks

Dr. Sudhakar Behera served as a government veterinary doctor who believed that

Service to animals is service to God.

He lived believing that and idolizing Mahatma Gandhi along with his love for animals, so he naturally inclined towards studying the same and serving them.

For him it is joy. Serving animals are his purpose in life.

He who feels inspired by his teacher, will become the best of his industry, that was Dr. Sudhakar Behera. 

People around him went from spending bucks and bucks on their pets and animals to saving bucks and bucks with his new methodologies. Thus, increasing the savings of animal owners.

He found the market gap where farmers were growing cattle without getting any profits from them. Only spending more on them with an expectation to get profits in the future. He understood that helping them would be a life-changing opportunity for them, despite the revolt he received.

When he introduced artificial insemination and preventive vaccinations the locals were stunned and not sure if it is the right thing to do.

While people accounted him with lots of opinions (as they are from rural backgrounds), He wanted more to educate them on insemination and vaccinations.

He gradually convinced them and educated the importance of artificial insemination and preventive vaccinations.

Overcoming their opinions and enlightening them with the importance of artificial insemination and preventive vaccinations, and implementing them was a huge task. With his clever strategies, he educated them and overcame them precisely.

Even during the Covid-19 crisis, he has given active support to locals by checking on their cattle, facilitating transportation to bring in cattle food, and milk and meat were shipped without any hindrances.

Farmers were so much happy when Dr.Behra helped them in facilitating their needs which were on par with the schemes by the Government of Odisha, which helped them increase their profits and reduce their expenses.

“Their Happiness is our motto”- Dr. Sudhakar Behera

This has helped locals to increase their productivity, profits and reduce their time, eventually leading to spending more quality time with their families.

When he went ahead and preached about his ideologies, that’s when he feels that he is growing. Honestly, that would have helped their local to put trust in Dr. Behera. Because by then they believed that Dr. Behara would be very Farmer’s life savior.

Even after developing a few physical issues, Dr.Behera felt the need to work for these farmers who were trying so hard to get out of poverty.

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