Inspired By Great Deeds: Her Works Teach Society To Build A Strong Nation

Mrs. Kavita Tai Bhongale Kadu Patil, a civil engineer by profession who is also the owner of Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Prasarak Mandal. Mrs. Kavita Bhongale –Kadu has started her business on 12th April 2002 and is gradually prospering.

The business currently has a turnover of 8Cr and all this happened because of her consistent urge for good deeds. She has learned through experience. Timely guidance by her father and the education sector made her an entrepreneur with the time and she still has many goals to achieve.

What Does The Business Do?

She and her team of employees want to provide education to the needy and help society to grow and ultimately the nation CBSE and SSC beyond the high standard set in the PCMC area.

The organization provides great employment to the need to utilize their knowledge to increase financial studies of the nation. Equality of education in the common ground allowed everyone is the sole purpose of her institute.

The USP of the business literally says: Blossom your knowledge.

For the prospect of her business, there is a thought of IB school – university and best school in PCMC.

However, Mrs. Kavita Bhongale –Kadu was nothing but clear about the influence of her father, Mr. Vinayak P. Bhongale, on her business. Although she had the passion and desire both to kick start the business, her father played the bigger role.

As a woman in this society, it was difficult to lead entrepreneurship. But, it is the headstrong attitude that made her path clear in all these years. Behind such prosperity of her business, she plays a major role by establishing herself as the leader and not the boss.

Still now, after such success, she feels the need of society to encourage her profession. She is interested in social cases to help society and society must reciprocate.

In this interview, more than anything else she wanted to let the youngsters or aspired candidates in business know that they should consider their team members’ need for satisfaction because happy employees make a great institution.

Also, whenever anyone starts any business venture, he/she must consider the needs of society. And they must show uniqueness and all accept what they do.

This wonderful woman in her career won several prestigious awards which consist: Successful businessman, Business youth icon, Idol PCMC, PCMC Achievers, Business icon national award, Narishakti -2019.

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