Laurie Baker’s Legacy: Inspiring The Brix N Stones Studio’s Vision

The Brix N Stones Studio, founded by Ms. Ar. Hema Pratika Kishore, Ms. Ar. Manasa Dinesh Nair, and Ms. Er. Nidhi K, is a new venture in the field of architecture and design. Established on February 27th, 2023, in Bangalore, Karnataka, the studio specializes in finding luxury in minimalism.

The team at The Brix N Stones Studio consists of passionate individuals with a deep appreciation for design and the built environment. Their journey began with formal education in architecture, obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees from prestigious universities. The exposure to various architectural styles and philosophies during their studies shaped their design sensibilities.

Driven by a desire to bring their unique perspective and design philosophy to the world, they decided to start their own architectural firm. Their goal is to create innovative and sustainable designs that positively impact the lives of clients and communities. The studio’s design principles include using feature wall elements, vertical reapers, green spaces, traditional elements, color choices, and a blend of styles and cultural elements.

The Brix N Stones Studio defines its specialization as “Finding luxury in Minimalism,” aiming to provide clutter-free environments with maximum storage availability. The studio emphasizes creating peaceful and comfortable living spaces, catering to the preferences of the upcoming generations who seek clean, easy-maintenance spaces with a sense of luxury and comfort.

The studio’s unique selling proposition (USP) lies in embracing the principles of different styles mingling with minimalism, elegance, and a touch of luxury. They focus on creating timeless and sophisticated designs with meticulous attention to details, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and function.

Looking into the future, the studio aims to explore and succeed in creating projects that go beyond the typical definitions of minimalism. They express a commitment to understanding the parameters that contribute to creating spaces that speak the same language and narrate a cohesive story.

The founders attribute their decision to start their own business to a combination of passion for design and a desire for creative control over projects. The studio allows them to pursue their design dreams without the constraints of external organizations, fostering a personal connection with clients.

Ar. Laurie Baker, known as the “Brick master of Kerala,” serves as a significant inspiration for the studio. Baker’s emphasis on co-efficient design, use of appropriate technologies, and consideration of local materials align with the studio’s values. They appreciate his inclusive design approach and his ability to create structures that withstand time and climatic factors.

In terms of struggles, the studio acknowledges the inherent complexities, stress, and challenges in the architecture and design field. They highlight the importance of being creative, calm, and patient while handling mistakes, rectifying issues, and providing clear instructions to the construction team.

Essentials for starting the business include passion, education, experience, a strong network, legal documentation, licenses, and a good portfolio. In the competitive field of architecture, having the right connections and understanding client requirements are crucial. Knowledge of traditional values, cultural heritages, and emerging technologies also contributes to success.

The studio identifies opportunities through comprehensive market research, competitive analysis, understanding client needs and trends, legal considerations, networking, SWOT analysis, innovation, and technology adoption.

As entrepreneurs, they emphasize the importance of empathy, collaboration, and the ability to consider each project as their own. The founders attribute their uniqueness to their collective abilities and the foundation of the firm being well-grounded.

The studio’s notable project, “The Minimalistic Penthouse,” exemplifies the evolving nature of minimalism in design, exploring the style within colors, shapes, materials, and lifestyle.

On the trend of sustainable and green architecture, the studio aligns with the concept, emphasizing the importance of understanding materials’ potential and climatic conditions to minimize environmental impact.

Understanding client psychology and requirements is deemed integral to architecture. While knowledge and skill are foundational, client-centered design ensures aesthetic appeal, functionality, and emotional resonance, leading to successful projects and satisfied clients.

Learnings from entrepreneurship include the value of independence, building connections, making quick decisions, staying calm under stress, and mastering cost management. Prioritizing work, developing quick solutions to on-site challenges, and continuous learning are emphasized.To budding architects and designers, the studio encourages trust in oneself, belief in strengths, maintaining creativity, thinking practically, and staying focused on goals. They emphasize the importance of thinking outside the box in a practical way and cultivating a hunger to strive for success.