Offering high quality soft toys and baby products to Indian consumers through his venture

Lokesh Bahl – Founder, Besties India

Besties started its journey in 2018, with a promise that offers vast range of high international quality baby products & soft toys. The brand caters to European & American market where it is exported in large quantities and are one of the leading players. The brand also does good business on Amazon India where they sell their products by themselves and are having good market share in the category. It is registered under ISO & CE marking & BIS, which itself is the stamp of quality assurance.

With an investment of 5 lakh, Lokesh started this venture when he was 32 years of age from Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar. Today it’s a company worth 3 crores turnover. As a person, business was always in his mind. In fact he tried his luck in several ventures before settling with Besties. Earlier he owned a transportation firm, then a kirana store, followed by automobile shop, but got into consistence with Besties as online business boomed when this particular firm was floated. And thereafter no looking back.

Mostly the market is flooded with low quality products when it comes to soft toys segment. Children are vulnerable to the chemical toxins found in plastic. Potentially harmful levels of substances, including lead, cadmium and phthalates, are found in these imported toys that are hazardous to kids. This is where Lokesh came up with the idea of offering high quality toys that passes through rigorous quality checks and are absolutely safe for kids. Over the period of time, Besties have developed such trust and equity in soft toys market in India.

Belonging to a business family has its own advantage, and having been grown up in such an environment always pushes you to take up entrepreneurship. Lokesh’s story is something similar.

However, he admires the industrialist and philanthropist Ratan Tata and wishes to contribute to the society like him while becoming a successful businessman.

Lokesh feels that it is not that easy to run a business. Financing and funding is of utmost importance along with some basic acumen to run the show. He had to face financial hurdles during his initial years, which he gradually overcame. His interest on internet and websites came in handy while launching his business of soft toys.

To kids, soft toys are their best pal, as a result Lokesh sees a tremendous opportunity in the segment and are definitive about its prosperity. He has grabbed the right opportunity and would definitely sail through in the coming years. Everyday life teaches him some valuable lessons, which takes cues from and applies to his business. Besties thus aims to be the bestie of every kid with their quality product.

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