Own A General Hospital: His Greatest Contribution In The Medical Industry Will Forever Be Remembered

Dr. Pankaj Nimbalkar, the in-charge medical Superintendent of 421 bedded Nootan General Hospital owned by Nootan Medical College and the research center visnagar Gujarat since the year 2020, is a genius man.

After the completion of his M.B.B.S. From Saurastra University. He went on to M.P.S.M.C. Jamnagar, Saurashtra UNI for M D. OB.GYN. During his professional career, he presented five papers internationally. As he would like us to mention, those papers were on: The comparison study of misoprostol versus prostaglandin paper presentation in IJRCOGINTERNATIONAL JOURNALS, The Comparison study of misoprostol versus Foley’s catheter, paper presentation done in IJRCOG JOURNALS INTERNATIONAL, Intravenous iron sucrose therapy in moderate to severe anemia in pregnancy, IJRCOG JOURNALS INTERNATIONAL, Impact of educational intervention regarding anemia and its preventive measures among pregnant women: an interventional study, and lastly the Assessment of knowledge regarding anemia and its preventive measures among lactating mothers of North Gujarat region, India.

His Career

Dr. Nimbalkar commenced his professional career in the year 1992, and to date, he has achieved more than 25,000 Laparoscopy family planning successful operations and did more than 30,000 successful deliveries, and many more.

For his greatest endeavors, he has been awarded by Collector and CDHO for best laparoscopy family planning. He is a doctor of many roles which include: Physiotherapy / Homeopathic / Nursing / Medical College Academic lecturer as well as an examiner for the last 10 years.

Besides, he is a lifetime member of the IMA, Fogsi., Giants International JAYCEES, Rotary club of Mehsana, &  NMO. He is a panel doctor for ONGC, LIC, & laparoscopy surgeon family planning for tubal ligation.

How Is He As A Person?

He is a man of great potential yet he is the most humble and generous doctor known to his patients. By nature and act, he is extremely down to earth and humble as he has given free service to people. Then also, he gave the National Himalayan trekking and chandrakhani camp two times of free service for 2 months.

He likes to spend his free time gardening with helping others, reading and doing Laparoscopy family planning surgery, reading good books, assisting and catering to animals also.

Although his professional career is something to be extremely proud of, he does not hold any pride in his status. The patients that he deals with daily are sure in good hands and great luck, and even they don’t doubt it for a sec.

It is, however, true that his business took off last year, but looking at his credibility, he sure has a bright future in his entrepreneurship journey. Yes, there has been struggling in his life as well for the position he has achieved, yet the struggle continues for a bigger and better future.

This was Dr. Nimbalkar for you and me. And we hope to know about him very soon about his yet to achieve great endeavors.

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