Raghu M: A Visionary Founder Creating Customer-Centric and Budget-Friendly Interiors

Raghu M, the founder of Folks Interiors, is a cheerful individual with a unique perspective on the world. He understands the significance of creating spaces that truly feel like home and the impact it has on people’s lives. Raghu’s fascination with architecture, ranging from his own residence to renowned structures like the Colosseum, has fueled his passion for making small yet transformative changes.

His initial role as a designer turned project coordinator at a prominent interior design company allowed him to experience the joy of helping customers bring their dreams to life. This inspired him to establish his own company, enabling him to focus entirely on serving customers while infusing his own creative touch.

According to Raghu, “Creativity, marketing and above all patience, are the three vital aspects essential to pursue entrepreneurship. Looking into competitors and trying to identify the areas which they could have done better while serving their customers, also helps me to identify the gaps in the market and grab it as an opportunity.”

Till now, out of all the projects which he has delivered, renovating a 40-years old residence for a Merchant Officer who had high expectations was a really challenging task but it all ended up exceeding expectations. Friendly and hands-on approach from the initial to the final stages of project completion, is the unique way with which Folks Interiors operate. Raghu also believes that as entrepreneurs, one should always focus on building a sustainable and green architecture. At his firm, they always recommend eco-friendly products to customers whenever possible. For any client facing service provider, understand client psychology and requirements is something highly essential.

They are also duty bound to ensure that the clients are informed of all the possible options in the market that can satisfy their requirements and laying out the pros and cons of those options. Researching the market thoroughly and looking out for products that can transform the service that they provide has been the key learning, and this is what he also shares with all upcoming entrepreneurs in this line of business.