Adithya N: Transforming Mystiques of R & A into a Thriving Interior Design Firm

Adithya N is the driving force behind the success of Mystiques of R & A, a Bengaluru-based interior design firm. With a master’s degree in interior design from Idea Institute and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from VTU technological university, Adithya has been actively involved in the industry since 2014. Prior to establishing his own firm, he gained valuable experience working with renowned companies like Livspace, Design cafe, and Woodfurn Interior zone.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Adithya finds solace in various fulfilling activities such as cooking, gardening, reading, singing, and playing cricket and chess. He values connections with people and is open to collaborations both in India and abroad.

Since its inception in June 2020, Adithya’s business, Mystiques of R & A, has successfully completed over 100 projects and continues to thrive. Adithya believes that a well-designed home has a profound impact on social and personal life. Good interior design has the power to evoke happiness, soothe the soul, inspire confidence, empathy, pride, creativity, security, and energy.

One of the specialties of the firm is kitchen design, recognizing the significance of kitchens as the energy centers of any household. By incorporating the golden triangle concept, which optimizes the efficiency and reduces stress for homemakers, Mystiques of R & A ensures that every project meets the specific needs of its clients.

The company’s expertise extends to interior and architectural design, offering harmonious and contemporary solutions for residential and commercial spaces. With their meticulous planning and efficient execution, they cater to clients throughout India, primarily in Bangalore.

Looking ahead, Mystiques of R & A aims to establish itself as a trusted brand and expand its presence nationwide. Adithya’s motivation to give back to society socially and economically stems from his background in a business-oriented family involved in various verticals. Renowned interior designer Sunita Kohli, known for her work on the Indian parliament and Rashtrapati Bhavan, serves as Adithya’s professional idol. He also draws inspiration from the esteemed entrepreneur Ratan Tata for his exemplary skill sets and ideologies.

As an entrepreneur, Adithya has encountered numerous challenges, including financial, technical, and psychological obstacles. His father’s experience of running an unorganized FMCG business that eventually closed down deeply impacted him, driving his determination to leave a lasting legacy in the business industry.

To overcome these challenges, Adithya recognizes the importance of effective management of finance, human resources, and technical knowledge, accompanied by strong communication skills. His unique problem-solving abilities and proactive mindset have been instrumental in his success thus far. Rather than dwelling on problems, he focuses on finding solutions, a quality that sets him apart.

Adithya emphasizes the significance of listening to customers and implementing their ideas, considering it a crucial skill for architects. Understanding client psychology, either through learned experiences or keen observation skills, plays a pivotal role in meeting their diverse needs. Adithya firmly believes that success begins with listening more than speaking and acquiring wisdom through observation.

In the face of failures, Adithya advocates for embracing them as learning opportunities and continuously creating new opportunities. He encourages entrepreneurs to believe in their strengths and themselves, leveraging each failure as a chance to develop tenacity and perseverance—essential characteristics for resilience and overcoming setbacks.