Rahul Patel, Founder of Artware, a Minimalistic and Futuristic Design Firm

Rahul Patel is the owner and director of ARTWARE, an architecture and design firm that specializes in clean, minimalistic, futuristic, and functional designs. As a person, Rahul is an adventure seeker who loves to explore new things and places, especially as a foodie. Coming from a business family, he was always fascinated by new design trends and materials, which led him to pursue a career in architecture.
ARTWARE was founded in 2015, and since then, it has made a significant impact on society by creating well-designed spaces that lead to a better way of living and working. Rahul’s specialization lies in functional and aesthetically pleasing designs, and the USP of his work is to give users something to cherish every time they use the space.
Rahul’s inspiration comes from everywhere, including nature, objects, people, and thoughts. However, he idolizes the late Zaha Hadid’s work. As an entrepreneur, Rahul faced the challenge of getting new projects and convincing people to believe in his design capabilities. To overcome this, he started with small projects and worked his way up the staircase to success.
To start his business, Rahul needed a strong determination and loyal customers, who eventually became his real drivers of future growth. Rahul’s ability to multitask and be patient has helped him handle each project well and make his clients happy and satisfied.
One project that is closest to Rahul’s heart is his first project, which gave him an experience that no other project could ever provide. As a trend towards sustainable and green architecture, Rahul believes that designers must shift towards sustainable products and green architecture, given the depletion of natural resources worldwide.
At ARTWARE, Rahul believes that a good design is one that is comfortable to the user, and the clients’ requirements are met holistically, keeping both functionality and visual delight in line. Rahul’s profession has taught him to be clear with the vision, sincere with the intent, and patient with the process.
Rahul’s message to budding architects and designers is to have clarity with their work and trust the process.