“From Struggles to Success: Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs Who Overcame Challenges and Achieved Their Dreams”

Entrepreneur Archana Sankarnarayanan’s Inspiring Success Story in Real Estate Management

Archana Sankarnarayanan is the founder of 7th LANE, a property management services company based in Bangalore. With almost 18 years of professional experience in operations, account management, and credit strategies in the global financial service sector, Archana has always been passionate about understanding client requirements and providing the best value for their spend. She believes that challenges will always be a part of life, but overcoming them is what makes life rewarding.

Archana’s journey as an entrepreneur began during the pandemic when she lost her job due to COVID-19. She knew she was taking a chance, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity of starting her own business. With a basic investment and a business model, she broke her small savings and started her company. Archana’s plans to start her own company had been in the works for some time, but she had never pursued it because she was comfortable in her full-time job. It wasn’t until she was pushed out of her comfort zone that she decided to take the plunge.

Archana’s business model was designed to cater to NRIs who were looking for reliable property management services. She had personally experienced the difficulty of finding a good company to manage her properties when she was an NRI in Dubai, and she saw a gap in the market that she could fill. Although her business model was initially designed for NRIs, it has since expanded to serve intercity and intracity clients as well. Archana’s company provides a one-stop-shop for all property-related needs and paperwork, saving clients time and money by eliminating the need to liaise with multiple mediators.

Archana’s journey as an entrepreneur has been filled with challenges, setbacks, and failures, but she has never given up. She started with small orders and multiple visits, with no closures in sight. At one point, she even questioned whether entrepreneurship was for her. However, she refused to be deterred by these setbacks and instead asked herself what was lacking, where she was stuck, and why it wasn’t possible. She met a lot of people, planned strategies, read a lot on startups, and networked with coworkers. Her hard work paid off when she finally cracked her first deal, and from there on, there was no looking back.

Today, 7th LANE has serviced more than 1000 clients, and 90% of its business comes from existing client references. The company has expanded its services to include primary markets, resales, interiors, and many more services that help its clients. Archana’s service is her USP, and she is committed to providing the best possible experience to her clients.

Archana’s success as an entrepreneur is an inspiration to many. She has proven that with a positive attitude and hard work, anything is possible. However, she has also faced several challenges as a woman entrepreneur in the real estate industry, which is dominated by men. Despite this, Archana has remained goal-focused and has broken down barriers to achieve success in her industry. She has learned to stay focused despite the odds and has taught herself that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it.

Starting a business requires patience, perseverance, and a willingness to take risks. Archana’s success story is proof that where there is a will, there is always a way. She started her business with minimal capital investment and faced several disappointments in the initial stages. However, she persevered and closed her first property sale after several months of hard work. Her story shows that it’s easy to get disheartened, but patience and perseverance are the most important qualities for any entrepreneur.

Archana’s journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve success if they have the determination and the will to succeed. She is an inspiration to women.