Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay: Building Happiness and Inclusiveness through Architecture

Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay is the visionary founder of RM Happiness Center Pvt. Ltd., an esteemed architecture and design firm dedicated to constructing a happy, healthy, and wealthy society. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a fervor for innovation and inclusiveness, Rishikesh has embarked on an inspiring journey to become a successful architect and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Rajkot, Gujarat, Rishikesh grew up in a family that highly valued education and hard work. From a young age, he displayed a keen interest in architecture and design, spending hours sketching buildings and immersing himself in the works of renowned architects. Although he knew his path lay in this field, he initially faced uncertainties about how to embark on his chosen career.

After completing his education in architecture, Rishikesh commenced his professional journey by working at a local firm. Through this experience, he not only gained invaluable industry knowledge but also witnessed the challenges that plagued the architecture and design industry in India. He recognized the disorganization, lack of accreditation, and shortage of skilled manpower prevalent in the field. This realization served as a catalyst for him to establish his own firm, one that would introduce a more innovative and inclusive approach to architecture and design.

In 2022, Rishikesh founded RM Happiness Center Pvt. Ltd. with a noble aim: to contribute to the creation of a happy, healthy, and wealthy society. His firm strives to cater to the needs of every segment of society, including youth, housewives, and senior citizens. Rishikesh firmly believes that everyone possesses something valuable to offer, and his company works diligently to harness the talents and skills of individuals from all walks of life.

Collaboration stands as a distinguishing hallmark of Rishikesh’s approach. He firmly believes that the most exceptional ideas emerge through collective effort. Consequently, his firm actively engages with clients and other professionals, fostering an environment of teamwork and cooperation to create innovative and sustainable designs. Moreover, Rishikesh adopts a holistic perspective in design, considering cultural and environmental factors that may influence each project.

RM Happiness Center Pvt. Ltd. has already completed the ideation and conceptual stage, entering the startup mode. Rishikesh’s business holds the potential for expansion, as well as opportunities for backward and forward integration. He envisions continued growth for his firm, with an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society through his work.

As an entrepreneur, Rishikesh has encountered numerous challenges. Notably, he has navigated the complexities of working with exceptionally talented but illiterate individuals. Convincing them to collaborate without disrupting their existing financial models and fostering open discussions has proven arduous. Nonetheless, Rishikesh understands the significance of nurturing relationships in the business realm. He recognizes the importance of personal connections for success and dedicates himself to maintaining positive relationships with both clients and employees.

Rishikesh’s personal qualities and values have significantly contributed to his entrepreneurial triumph. His patient listening skills, coupled with a balanced mindset, have proven invaluable. His inherent innovativeness enables him to find alternative approaches to challenges, while his equanimity, respect, and inclusiveness have made him a trusted leader in his field.

Rishikesh’s success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring architects and designers. He fervently believes that every interaction presents a valuable learning opportunity and encourages others to approach their work with open minds and a willingness to collaborate. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of sustainability and environmental balance in design, aspiring to inspire others to adopt this ethos in their own practices.