Stalwart Of Her Own Destiny

S.L. Sravanthi- Founder, Busy Bees Play School

S.L. Sravanthi, the founder of Hyderabad based ‘Busy Bees Play School’, is an NLP practitioner, certified executive and wellness, success and parenting coach. She is a recognized member of early childhood education, who had been trained in child development delays and learning disabilities. The celebrated educator has attended numerous seminars & conferences on early childhood, and has undergone world’s best education practices by Finland Educationist.

Her passion for work leads her to extensively challenge herself daily, and her effortless endeavors make her to adapt new skills, which eventually help her to work better. The admirable Educationist, who has her heart and soul on her work, always had a tough impression on 9 to 5 jobs. Her instincts used to tickle her to give her share back to the society. And her prior experiences in the job & achievements in education made her found her calling for quitting working for others, with an urge to drive her success and control her own destiny.
Sravanthi adores her mother who always believed in her. She doesn’t keep any harsh feelings for those who disbelieved in her, as they also contributed in making her understand her credibility. she shares gratitude to her mother who has always worn a smile on her face, no matter how hard she had to work. “Her love for us never faded and has always given more than she received, and I try my best to live as much like her as I can”, she shares proudly.

she never carries regrets for her decisions and recalls, “Beginning my entrepreneurial venture 8 years ago, though, had witnessed some teething problems, but struggling through those made me realize that it’s a lesson which is only going to make me strong”. Immensely believing in herself, she untiringly worked on her goal to see through the end. “And that journey has been beautiful”, she admits. “It was never a challenge or risk for me to venture into my dream project, but handling the process was complex indeed”, shares Sravanthi.
Talking about her unique traits, Sravanthi acclaims, “I believe in what I do and follow basic principle of taking life as it comes. Learning from failures and never giving up on anything is my uniqueness, I guess!”, cheekily shares Sravanthi.

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