The Best Interior Design Firm Winner: Here’s Rohini Bagla’s Inspiring Story

Rohini was always inclined toward the design world since she was a little kid. She knew she had to become an Interior Designer, and she has been working in the industry for 17 years. Rohini founded Studio R by Rohini Bagla in 2005, and currently, the firm does around 20 to 25 residences yearly.

Rohini Bagla is a woman filled with magic in her hands, creativity in her head, and a passion for interior designing. Her journey as an interior designer has been beautiful, fulfilling, and enriching. She boasts about her efficiency, use of appropriate colors, and quality of making spaces look bigger using creative space-saving ideas.

Rohini believes that good interior design can soothe your soul and evoke happiness. A good design can lift your spirits and inspire creativity, security, pride, confidence, and empathy.

She feels that every interior designer must create meaningful spaces for their clients. Studio R by Rohini Bagla specializes in Residential & Commercial Interior Design & Space Planning. She wants her firm to rank among the top 15 boutique design firms in the future, and she can only see it growing bigger every day.

Rohini Bagla has always loved the design world, which encouraged her to become an interior designer. Her father has always been her idol as he’s helped her deal with challenging situations throughout life.

Interior designing as a profession is not a piece of cake. It exhausts you mentally and physically. It can be challenging to juggle between laborers and clients while also managing time and budget.

Rohini Bagla eliminates these challenges by actively participating in her agency’s everyday activities and ensuring everything is under control. She thinks of herself as a go-getter.

She doesn’t give up easily and does everything she can to achieve her targets. Her aggressive approach toward her work and her ability to understand everything in-depth helps her in the field.

While every project is unique for Rohini, her home is the closest to her heart. While making her home, she was both the client and the designer. The outcome was fabulous, and she loved working on a personal project.

Studio R by Rohini Bagla completely supports the idea of shifting towards sustainable and green architecture. The team tries to develop innovative designs and use technologies to ensure that their structures don’t harm the ecosystem.

Rohini Bagla always makes her clients understand one thing; designing isn’t just mere drawing. She helps her clients understand the importance of the journey of designing to come up with impressive results. She also tries to understand her client’s psychology to get an insight into what they want and what they visualize their space to look like.

She has learned that creativity isn’t enough to become a successful interior designer. You also need dedication and patience, as these qualities will help you grow tremendously.

She has also learned that every client is different. Thus, you must be open while discussing projects with a new client and respect their views/ideas. Doing so will help you connect with your client on a deeper level and climb up the ladder of success.

Lastly, Rohini believes one should keep learning and have faith that things will fall into place.

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