The Best Teacher Of India, This Man Is The Pioneer Of Periodontology Of The Country

Dr Vikas Jindal Director, Head of the Department of Periodontics in Himachal Dental College, Amritsar. Dr Vikas Jindal did his bachelor’s (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Punjab Govt. Dental College, Amritsar in 1989 and further pursued masters (Master of Dental Surgery) in periodontology in 1995 from Punjab Govt. Dental College, Amritsar.

He established the first multispeciality in Ludhiana which is amongst one of the top fine practices for many years. Furthermore, he has been awarded as the best teacher in India. His contribution to the field of education has been a milestone in Himachal dental college for the past 25 years as director, head of the department of periodontics. The department has blossomed manifold under his guidance and patronage.

Contribution To The Society:

Under his guidance, numerous community programs have been successfully organized and held, with a lot of contribution to society. Several publications have been disseminated in various peer to peer academic publications. He has given his students’ facilitative environment structures and proper guidance to do incredible and innovative research work. Many of his students have published several articles in reputed academic journals. A true leader like him has earned respect through his rightful actions and mass following without any dictatorship.

Why Is He A Great Leader:

In the eyes of his students & people who know him, he is a great leader because; he is someone who carries the lantern of wisdom and enlightens the society thereby directing people to the path of progress and development. He is amongst those people who set certain standards and try to achieve those benchmarks by allowing people. He has great leadership integrity and effectively channelizes his energy and dedicates himself to the growth and progress of humanity.


Inspector dental council of India and the former president IDA, Ludhiana branch editor in chief in Himachal University, and organizing chairperson 16th ISP convention Dr Vikas Jindal has taken his wisdom from the greatest personalities of India. Such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and many others. A great leader is also a great teacher, Dr Vikas Jindal, even more, a great speaker who works towards empowering others to take risks and is able to develop the essential set of skills.

Dr Vikas Jindal has substantiated there is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater subsidy than to help the weak. He has acquainted his student’s strong determination, dedication, and devotion in persuading their respective goals to get the desired results. Not just a great leader but a loving husband & perfect son to his parents, he is India’s true gem. We wish nothing but best to the institution for the upcoming years.

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