The Man Who Stepped Out His Comfort Zone To Do Good For The Society

The Founder Director, INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (ICPS), Mr JAFAR IQBAL HAQUE, was just another regular guy with a brilliant mind from an ordinary background until he decided to be different, and do something meaningful to contribute to the educational growth of the country. A true story that does not happen every other day in our country, his story is one of a kind. After the completion of the MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), he returned to his home from Bangalore. Then after serving almost 12 years in various sections of education as an educator, he realized there was a huge loophole in the system which needed to be repaired.

About The Institution:

Keeping this thought in mind, he established the ICPS in the year 2017. With dreams & desires in his eyes, he jumped straight into this. But the journey was just easy, especially, when it is an independent startup. By dodging all the unfortunate, and grabbing the opportunities at the right time, and of course, his hard work & determination made him the person, he is today.

The institution provides an advanced education program to the students. Mr Haque further clarifies, “Our education system is designed to deliver training programs based on the candidate’s objectives”. All their methods, structures, and teaching procedures have stimulated each candidate to perform well which brings them closer to their respective goals. The ICPS is a fully equipped organization with modern technological tools, which plays a major role in drawing students’ attention to the positive side of technology & the mechanism. This organization not only teaches but also assures the students the greatest placement possible according to their calibre.

“Linkage between Learning & Employment”- JAFAR IQBAL HAQUE

Inspiration & Advice:

Most of these have happened because of Mr Haque’s different approach & seeing the gap which needed to be filled, but what was his inspiration behind it? He answered the question by replying, “I grew watching my father, as inspiration that encouraged me to serve selflessly and deliver my contribution to society. Idol professionally is N.R Narayana Murthy Sir, Founder of Infosys, considered as a Corporate Guru for most of the startups and entrepreneurs”. You can understand where all this wisdom came from. He is indeed a man of great honour and should be celebrated for his generous contribution to society.

Also, for future entrepreneurs, regardless of their fields, great advice came from him, which is basically an insightful mantra to be focused on your goal, use your all possible resources productively, and proper utilization of time & planning for the goal-oriented approach. These are the basics, yet the most important part to be successful in any field that you are performing for. We wish the best of luck to this great treasure of India, Mr Haque, your students, and the country as a whole is grateful to you.

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