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Ankit Patel, Owner – CJ Designs

Meet Ankit Patel, a Commerce graduate from Gujarat University and PGDM in Marketing Management from AMA, Ahmedabad, who has carved a prestigious place for his engineering company- ‘CJ Designs’ in the Welding & Cutting machinery industry. This Ahmedabad born entrepreneur always had a strong desire to change the traditional ways of doing business. He shares his vision about inculcating modern technologies and high quality machinery systems in his business which has proved to be profitable in establishing his brand’s identity in a competitive business world.

With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, he explains “We have made significant impact in the market over the years through our expertise in modern processes and diverse technologies, which have contributed a lot in acquiring us a good clientele. Entering into Automation & New Technology was a quantum leap for our business.”

“Shaping the future of innovation through their products has brought extensive name and fame to the firm”

But it has never been an easy going path for Mr. Ankit Patel, as he shares about his early struggles as an individual while stepping into his entrepreneurial journey in an industry, which was already captured by the big players. “Achieving sales and other targets was challenging but sometimes frustrating when I was unable to meet them. At the same time, Market Research and interaction with business colleagues have fetched us some really good opportunities and pitch in outstanding business”, he recalls.

Inspired by ‘Sh. Parimalbhai Nathwani’, Group President of Reliance Industries, he gradually aced the art of overcoming and getting better out of the negative situations.” He further reflects his thoughts with a smile, “Dedication, focus and experiences have bestowed me with such skills that I am now in a position to successfully drive my business with handsome profits.” Ankit Patel has built great reputation for “Rajiv Engineers” in Welding & Cutting machinery industry. ‘CJ Designs’ is his recent venture that has been applauded big time for being renowned supplier of welding & cutting products in the country.

“Extensively inspired by technology, providing high quality products is what ‘Rajiv Engineers’ swears by”


Ankit Patel, an extremely focused and dedicated entrepreneur made it big through his extensive and wholesome experience in the industry. The impeccable entrepreneur of current era, has been awarded with the “Economic Times Enterprise Icons 2018 Award” and has been entitled with the “Fastest Growing Distributor Recognition by Hypertherm USA.



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