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B.M. Balakrishna- Owner, ‘Aquapot’

B.M. Balakrishna- Owner, ‘Aquapot’

B.M. Balakrishna, the owner of ‘Aquapot’- a water treatment business, initiated his eventful journey when entrepreneurship beckoned him 9 years back. Carrying a worthy experience of 14 years in marketing and owing to his diligent efforts, he incepted the RO business with a minimal investment, which has now hit a turnover of around 25 crores per annum.

The thought of entrepreneurship struck the curious soul long ago as he was done and dead with his marketing job, which soon made him to envision an escalating RO business through his water treatment unit that has now evolved as the biggest RO super store in Hyderabad.

He left his cushy job for the lack of interest in the field and decided to start even a panipuri shop, which eventually instigated him to discover the water treatment opportunities in the market and in no time he rocked the start-up world with ‘Aquapot’.

The ideas about incepting a business were just a dream which soon got a reality check done as he found the hardships of commencing a business without investment and that too for a first generation entrepreneur like him. But he was more than willing to take it on board and overcome the challenges in his way by taking the entrepreneurial plunge with whatever sources he had.
He shares, “In business everyday is a challenge and rendering my RO superstore related to RO components from last two years had not always been a sailing ship, but my undying passion and my mother’s blessings have contributed to turn it into a howling success”.
“Our consistent performance and commitment towards our customers are our two business rules which we always abide by”, asserts the RO King, Balakrishna, who counts himself among the luckiest souls on the planet for making a mark in this market.

His unique trait is well evidenced from his habit of doing every job with 100% efforts and dedication. An extremely disciplined man towards his business having a unique working style with 99% of attendance to the office has eventually evolved him as a tycoon in the industry.



B.M. Balakrishna is a multi-award winner who has bagged some prestigious below mentioned awards:

  • ‘Water Digest Award’ by Blue Crusaders
  • ‘Amazing Entrepreneur Award’ by the Weekend Leader VIT
  • ‘Dare to Dream Award’ by Zee Business
  • ‘Asia’s Greatest Leaders Awards’ by Asia One
  • India Leaders Awards

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