Transforming spaces and bringing client’s vision to life

Savita Mishra – Founder, Excelle Interiors Consultancy, Thane

Established in 2004, Excelle Interiors Consultancy has been a complete solution provider for all interior designing needs. Their expert team is capable of handling individual level & group projects, providing consultation, turnkey projects under one roof, which includes residential, commercial, bungalows, row-houses, hotels, mall and studio. A team of dynamic designers and executors provides some amazing outputs for their respective clients. Knowing time and money both being the most important factors, hence designing dream space is done with affordable modern interiors giving desired elite look. It is ensured that every experience the clients go through meets their expectation. Safety and Quality is the top priority for the projects taken up.

Savita Mishra, the founder of Excelle Interiors, has been a very creative person since childhood. Beautifully designed spaces always captured her imagination. Since her teenage somehow or the other she was always involved in creative work. Learning Interior Designing gave her an opportunity to explore her creativity and passion for creating beautiful spaces. Her first professional assignment was with Modular Kitchens back in 2004. She was always motivated by the idea of creating something from the ground up stage. She was also inspired by the fact that every day is a new day, and there is opportunity in every day, and that got her going in starting her own design studio.

She feels that design practically touches lives of everyone – be it the products that they purchase or the space that they live in. As a designer for interior spaces, she connects with her clients and understand their vision. Good designs evoke happiness and soothes the soul. She is into creating a meaningful space that fulfils the needs of the inhabitant and optimise their space, which is one of the keys roles as designers and essential to the society. She reaches out to talented artists who are able to connect with her client’s vision to get the wow factor and customize designs to meet the same.

According to Savita,

“Understanding customer needs is vital, and thereby providing solutions and communicating the same to various teams to deliver luxurious spaces for our customers actually creates wonder.”

Any design problem, be it construction details, space planning, programming or aesthetics, it is well communicated to the clients, officials, engineers and contractors. The communication can be artistic like a sketch or it could be precise like a computer rendering. Decorating spaces with pieces that the clients would love and cherish requires knowledge of colour theory and design, which is what she specializes in.

Excelle Interiors boasts about their USP of building luxe designs for their clients to meet their lifestyle choices. Savita is of the view that with a significant expansion in the construction sector there is a widespread adoption of interior designing solutions in the commercial and residential complexes for improving appearance and optimizing space efficiently. This is a driving factor for interior design market in India. And she wants to ride the wave and spread the wings of Excelle Interiors.

Savita recalls that it was her family that supported her tremendously when she started her venture. After working with five firms, it was her confidence and passion that helped her to build her own firm. She is inspired by wonderful ladies like Sunita Kohli , Shabnam Gupta , Sara Sham . I think they are brilliant woman entrepreneurs and interior designers who are down to earth and their work to be original, research based and culture specific.

As any entrepreneur finding funding and customers was a huge challenge in the initial days. She eventually found her support network and her family stood by her, while she pursued her passion. Today her work speaks for itself and is a testimony of all her hard work. No number of awards or money can substitute the blessings she gets from her clients and their elderly relatives at the housewarming ceremony and project handover phase.

According to her, good knowledge of design and an eye for detail is a must have to excel in this line. Computer skills are a must to grow and meet customer needs. Finding the right connects in the market to source the products and meet demands is also essential aspect of running business. Patience and sheer determination to be able to transform a space and bring client’s vision to life is the most rewarding part of this jobs which keeps one pumped up with joy and motivation.

I must say all projects are close to my heart simply being the reason that we believe in building long run relationships with our clients than just completing projects and limiting to handovers.

Her firm’s professional excellence has been duly recognised by industry body and the awards she won is the testimony of the same. She received ‘National Edition 2023 Design Awards’ (Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference 2023), and have been identified as ‘Top 25 Outstanding Women Interior Designer 2023’ and her firm got recognised as the ‘Promising & Trusted Interior Design and Turnkey Firm of 2023’. Excelle Interiors also bagged ‘Maharashtra Award under Residential Projects’.