UCID: A Journey of Unconventional Success and Creative Brilliance

The Birth of UCID In 2010, a dreamer and entrepreneur named Neilesh K Talreja embarked on a journey that would redefine the advertising and digital agency landscape. With a vision to create a space where unconventional thinking meets strategic solutions, Neilesh founded UCID (Unconventional Crafts, Ideas & Digital). What began as a modest team of three members soon evolved into a powerhouse of 70 individuals, each serving as a custodian of the brand. This is the story of UCID, a full-service agency that revolutionized the industry with its innovation and creativity.

UCID’s Unique Approach to Advertising UCID’s mantra, “Brands, People, and Bonds,” is not just a tagline; it’s the core philosophy that drives the agency’s success. Instead of following the conventional norms, UCID identifies problems and crafts creative solutions that take its clients’ brands to new heights. Through advertising, brand management, unique gifting, and social media marketing, UCID creates brand love, forging lasting connections between brands and their audiences.

Neilesh K Talreja: The Visionary Leader At the helm of UCID is its visionary Founder & CEO, Neilesh K Talreja. Driven by a desire to do more than just earn a living, Neilesh’s leadership embodies the spirit of Ubuntu, “I am because we are.” He believes in cultivating creative confidence and growth in his team. With an unwavering focus on energy management, Neilesh facilitates an environment of free expression and growth, encouraging his team to think beyond boundaries.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities UCID’s journey has not been without its share of challenges. The pandemic brought about a testing time for the agency, with business dropping by 50% in some months. Real estate and hospitality sectors, two of UCID’s major clients, were put on pause. However, true to their philosophy of unconventional thinking, Neilesh and his team saw these challenges as opportunities for growth. Instead of laying off employees, they made the bold decision to let go of the office and distributed equipment to team members’ homes. Support sessions and community outreach initiatives were implemented to ensure the well-being of every UCIDian.

UCID’s Vibrant Culture of Creativity One of the key factors behind UCID’s success lies in its vibrant company culture. Passion, learning, and creativity are celebrated within the agency, ensuring that every employee is engaged and motivated to deliver their best work.

UCID regularly organizes workshops in various creative media, including ceramics, clay, film, and more, to boost positivity and well-being among its team members. The emphasis on meditation and healthy living practices further enhances the creative and collaborative spirit of the agency.

The UCID Impact: Innovation and Sustainability UCID’s impact goes beyond just its clients; it extends to the world around them. The agency’s unique value proposition lies in its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Workshops like Brand Discovery, Mission to Milestones, and Brand Experience Management have helped clients develop robust strategies and achieve their business goals. Moreover, UCID actively participates in social impact projects aligned with UN ESG goals, contributing positively to society and the environment.

UCID’s Journey to Global Expansion UCID’s incredible success and commitment to excellence have opened doors to new horizons. With an established office in Atlanta, USA, the agency has set its sights on exploring opportunities in Dubai and other international cities. The journey of UCID is akin to a flowing river, agile and adaptable, constantly renewing itself and embracing change.

UCID – Partners in Possibility UCID’s success story is a testament to the power of unconventional thinking and strategic solutions. Under the guidance of Neilesh K Talreja, the agency has redefined creativity, turning challenges into opportunities, and creating a culture of learning and growth. With a mission to be “Partners in Possibility” for its clients, UCID continues to create brand love and inspire the advertising and digital industry worldwide. As UCID looks to the future, its unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on brands, people, and bonds, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.