10 Years Of Hard Work Finally Paid Off, As Rini Thukral Earns The Title Of Doctor That She Aspired For A Long Time

Realizing the importance of having healthy skin and how it could create a sense of anxiety and shame among the bearer, one young aspiring doctor took matters into her hand to help those in need to clear the ‘mark’ that lay in the society. Dr. Rini Thukral, a graduate from the Subharti Medical College Meerut, has achieved her dream of helping those who are in need of ‘clearing up’ the issues that mess with their psyche.

Knowing how important it is to have healthy skin, she threw herself into her studies and preparation to earn entry into her dream branch. Not only that, she homes her skills and experience by adding more to the list of degrees she holds, as being an avid reader and having a keen interest in garnering more knowledge helped Dr. Thukral obtain her course on Diabetes Management level 1 and level 2 with Medvarsity as her partner.

This diversification not only broadens her horizon for knowledge but makes her more apt to contribute to her healthcare profession. With the desire to contribute more to society, the desire to reach the new heights of zenith, she applied for the post-graduation in Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences so that she can get the result she wishes to achieve.

Her inspiration:

Encouraged by her uncle’s endeavor, who is now a pediatrician, Dr. Thukral continued to grow as an individual of whom everyone can be proud of. Taking the inspiration from Dr. Sumer Sethi Sir, she continued to welcome the hardship and work hard to achieve her dream to become a renowned dermatologist. Engraving the philosophy of her teacher’s as the foundation of her own, she started walking on a path that leads to her dream. The words of her teacher ring loud in her ear as those words of encouragement provide her with the inner peace she deserves.

“Never Give Up On A Dream Just Because Of The Time It Will Take To Accomplish It, The Time Will Pass Anyway.”

Believing in those words that provided her with the ray of hope, she placed all her hope in herself and continued to work harder than ever. The message that her sir left her with, provides her with the rush that it needs to keep working hard is engraved in her principles.

“All You Need Is To Believe In Yourself.

Struggles she faced:

Understanding how much effort it takes for one to achieve one dream, she continued to put in more effort and time to get what she wanted. Her journey was never smooth sailing, only through those trials of error and hardships, she got what she deserved. Knowing full well that only by enduring the storm, she would get to see the rainbow, she dedicated her ten years to books and gaining knowledge. Her ‘personal impact’ that shaped her ideology, worked as fuel to charge her to keep going in times of despair.

“Never Lose Hope Till You Do Not Reach Your Destination”

Through countless sleepless nights, devoting thousands of hours dedicated to studies, introspecting her own sets of values, she has it now all worked out.

“After tremendous sleepless nights and introspecting, my inner strengths while working out now and then, I have finally put it all together to achieve my goals.”

Advice for the aspiring doctor:

Emphasizing more on how one should never give up on their dreams and keep working till they achieve their goals, she has said that treating this journey as a burden would not lead the aspiring doctors anywhere. The last piece of advice that she imparted for the youngsters are,

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”

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