From Giving Voice To The Voiceless, Giving Strength To The Vulnerable, The Journey Of A Philanthropist Inspires All

Those who save one soul save humanity itself. This sociological process goes way back ingrained in the ideological representation of the society where we have to create a place that strives to help those who are in need. Though humanity is losing its touch with the given time, people like Rohit N Shetty seek to establish a platform where humanity is coming forward to help those helpless in this cruel world.

With the help of his own platform, EClickKart, Mr. Shetty seeks to establish a place where the voices are given to the voiceless, where help is given to the helpless, where life is given to everyone by fulfilling the bare minimum roles. With his initiative to help out others, he has secured a place in the cruel world where multiple campaigns are conducted to fulfill the requirements of those in need.

Mr. Shetty, who holds a degree in chemical engineering and has knowledge of multiple IT-related courses, carries over fourteen years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing of various and services, be it from Publishing, Biotech Products to Cyber Security, Digital Intelligence and now IT related services. With his inquisitive nature and years of knowledge and experience that he gathered by working in all sorts of fields, he marched forward to create a world where others can live at peace.

The essence of the platform:

Taking inspiration from the most empathetic man in India, Mr. Ratan Tata, and engraving his ideologies on the very words he said, “Take the stones people to throw at you. And use them to build a monument”, he continued to build that monument with his sheer will and hard work.

Mr. Shetty understood the importance of funding in this field when he volunteered to educate children with AIM (Atal Innovation Movement), an initiative by Govt of India and NITI Ayog. The gap that lay between the children in dire need of necessary materials to continue their study and the supply gap was something that Mr. Shetty tried to fill.

“It’s when this idea struck my mind of starting a crowdfunding platform that can cater to such needs and bridge the demand-supply gap.

Understanding the students’ needs, he initiated his own platform named EClickKart in 2018 to replace the ineffectiveness of various schemes with his effective results.

The challenges he faced:

Recognizing himself as an enthusiast rather than an entrepreneur, Mr. Shetty claims that having no helping hand was a huge issue that discouraged him. Lacking that ‘helping hand with a philanthropic venture’ was a let down in his case as his solo endeavor used to bog him down.

However, the words of Mr. Ratan Tata, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together”, motivated him to take up the mantle of the platform and continued to walk fast and far.

The inclusion of his wife, Ms. Shetty helped her with the digital marketing of the initiation. The dynamic duo continued to grow together, helped their platform grow with their zeal, passion, and empathetic outlook.

Advice to the next generation:

Knowing full well that a person is bound to receive criticism in due time, Mr. Shetty has claimed that only by turning those pieces of criticism as a fuel to ignite your inspiration can one get the task done. Based on his own experience, he has laid some important points for the budding entrepreneurs to follow.

“Never stop learning; Starting your own business is a constant process of growth and learning. It’s important to enrich yourself with both practical and emotional skills.”

Apart from this, he has shared how important it is to be frugal and the importance of maintaining a low overhead and effective management of the flow of cash.

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