A Dance Instructor & Teacher With 29+ Experience In Performing Arts: Her Versatility Is Peerless

What’s Her Story?

Priti Waghela, a successful entrepreneur, is an instructor and teacher of performing arts. Besides, she is an event manager and also the director and founder of the dance institute named ‘Natyam Dance Academy’ and is the owner of her event company ‘Ceremony Events’.

Miss Waghela has specialized in the Indian folk forms Rajasthani and Chau under Padmashree awarded Gopal Prasad Dubeji and  Late. Smt. Bharti Tolani. With more than 29 years of experience in this field of performing art, she has been an exception for the work she does.

Focusing on proper posture and technique has provided exceptional dance and oratory abilities to all her students. Therefore, she provides a strong background in teaching students of all ages.

Priti Waghela is a choreographer, who is proficient in instructional strategies and developmental exercises. She is also familiar with dances like Bollywood, freestyle, western, Rajasthani, and Chau. Background includes dance performances, recital planning, performance management, and class instructions.

For the woman she is and after knowing about her hardship in improving and educating all her students about performing arts, we are in awe of her credibility. She is very passionate about infusing a love for dance in students as well as techniques and strength for long term benefit. Her goal isn’t just teaching, but also making people fall in love with this art form.

Her creativity is not restricted, she is a versatile choreographer, extremely effective at making dance fun and engaging while challenging her students to embark on new styles and break out of their comfort zones.

Not just a dedicated dance instructor & teacher, she is always eager to work with students of all abilities. Successful at encouraging individuals, groups, and couples to excel, she is a true master of her work.

What Does Natyam Dance Academy Mean To Her?

We can’t probably justify what Natyam Dance Academy means to her. This academy is an 18 years old dance institute that provides service in training and teaching dance as a form of art.

Through this, she focuses on formulating a platform that tries to provide opportunities to train students professionally. She aims to educate the students about dance from all aspects both theoretically and practically. 

This institution pretty much means everything to her. This is the place where she can be herself and enjoy her passion along with all her students.

Miss Waghela is a Natyam dance academy UNESCO certified member and also an Allied Professional Association Member of the Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy ‘ IADMT’.

Her Achievements

The list of her achievements is never-ending, as it should be. From representing Maharashtra at State National and India at the international level in Rajasthani folk to winning Best Dance Academy in Mumbai- Global Icon Awards 2020, she has won many. She has also represented Indian culture and performed folk dance Rajasthani and Chhau with Chaya Academy of Arts at Disneyland Orlando, California, and New Jersey.

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