The Man With Many Jobs: He Is An Exception, Unmatched

Mr. Chandan Tiwari, who is a Social Worker & Motivational Mentor, Founder & CEO of and Entrepreneurial Development Council, and the Mentor at Startup India & Mentor at MicroMentor-USA, is a man with many roles.

He started his career at the International Human Rights Organisation and worked there for 5 years. He claims himself to be lucky enough to earn many on-field experiences while working with the Deshpande Foundation in 2017, which was one of his favorites. From there, he got ample opportunities to work & train many young minds. In the last 3 years, he has trained and mentored 4000+ youths amongst which he has personally mentored 2000+ youths. He has also completed entrepreneurship training at NIESBUD.

About The Start-Up, established on 24 September 2019, is an online platform that provides a wide network of hostel services at an accessible cost. This entrepreneurial Development Council is an ecosystem of resources to promote startups, develop an entrepreneurial environment where the young entrepreneurs can try their idea, learn about startups and various entrepreneurial qualities by taking a stake related to it and have the capacity to turn failure into learning and scale to greater heights.

Mr. Tiwari says that his start-up impacts on Market/Society-Mostly the students have undergone domination by the landlords, his startup will end that by creating transparency between the customers and landlords. provides an online platform to the consumers where they can discover the perfect accommodation. It points to solving the problems of students in searching for their pocket-friendly lodging at their desired location.  It firstly focuses on collaboration with private hostels, then modifies them to create transparency, supply, and then take feedback.

Struggles & Encouragement

We all can agree that an entrepreneur’s life is full of struggles, but what majorly hit him was, creating a perfect team, not getting funds just getting fake promises. Through these struggles, he has learned how to manage his company without funds and it was quite difficult to overcome but he did it by raising crowdfund.

And, on the other hand, when he came to Varanasi for his studies, he was an outsider who didn’t know much about the city to find the perfect accommodation. Problems like, finding a lodge near to his university at a pocket-friendly price which was hygienic as well, was tough. These problems made him realize that searching for the perfect accommodation is tough. Hence, he took the idea and made it easy for others.

“never run after money or funds, always try to solve the problems in the community and money will end up following you”

He is a businessman, more concerned about his customers rather than money, and being an entrepreneur made him deal with a lot of failures and rejections.

But again, a strong-headed man like him knows that with patience and determination, they can overcome every obstacle that presents itself in your road to success. And, yes, currently, he is the Eurasia World Record holder. Finally, India’s book of the world record holder had been awarded to the best deserving person.

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