A Diligent Educationist Who Revolutionized The Teaching Methods For Students

Shah Sapana Swapnil, a Pune based Educator with 15 wholesome years of experience in education industry, passionately inspires young minds. With a commitment of ensuring that every child reaches their full potential, she has been diligently teaching students in India and Singapore, Dubai as well. Having an exposure of teaching on an international scale, she has got an opportunity to understand the educational system in numerous forms. Having an inclination towards developing an innovative educational hub imparting quality education to students, she incepted ‘Just Education’ that is structured on the principles of consistency and hard-work.

“An educationist who has dared to dream big and achieve big, has been applauded for her contribution big time”

She considers her father as her hero like most daughters, who always told her to see big dreams and achieve them, and owes gratitude to him for making her stand at a position where she is now. She extracts many teachings from the saying “There is a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell” and recalls numerous struggles she had to face – one of them being shifting to India along with her two children, and leaving all their friends & family behind, and settling here. Starting all over again had never been easy but she put her efforts and tackled every problem piece by piece and step by step to greet a new beginning in life.

Though setting up a business entails taking risks; and investing capital, time and effort had been the toughest challenge for Shah Sapana Swapnil, the long hours and short holidays had been a routine for whom. But leaving a well paid job with fixed pay has certainly been the most uncertain thing happened to her, following which the first few months had been rough. But their unique teaching methods, excellent and highly qualified staff backed Just Education to bloom, which further didn’t see any looking back and in no time they distinguished themselves to set up new standards in the world of competitive Education.

“One thing I understood in due course of time is that it is essential to understand the thought and the mindset of students if we really want to reach to their heart”, ascertains Shah Sapana Swapnil.

And to her dismay, she found none of the institutes offering the same, and this is how her adventure to revolutionize teaching methods and to shape the future of students in Pune, began.

Carrying a global expertise and learning about the education system in its entirety gives her a special advantage, which imparts her with an opportunity to understand the vast benefits and drawbacks of each system, which eventually aided her compel the one which has maximum benefits in nurturing students. Moreover, being a mother of two, extensively helps her understand and deepen her knowledge about children, their attitudes & behaviour, and their characteristics.

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