A Doctor-Turned-Entrepreneur, He Is The Support Of Thousands Of People

Prof. Dr.H.Thamizh Chelvan MDS FICD, owner, Thamizh Dental Clinic, is a man of various caliber. He is now 51 years old, started his business at 24. These long years of struggle have finally paid off, and he is now the business. Head of Department, Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER).

At the beginning of his academic career, he wanted to become a cardiologist. However, due to the unavailability of seats and poor economic conditions, he studied BDS at Annamalai University in 1997 and finished in 1992. Started dental practice as Eswari Dental Care in 1995 and Post-graduation in Oral Pathology in 2000 in SRMC.

He had a passion for history, traveling, and serving the community for the needy people, passionate about reading, read a lot of the leader’s history, the world’s history of motivating him. As a meaning of life, he joined Rotary Club with its leading objectives, with the primary goal of increasing practice and building a network that joined the Rotary Club of Industrial City in 2010.

Hence, Became Hon. Secretary of IDA(Madras Branch) in 2014 and the Rotary District had conducted lots of Dental camps, Anti-tobacco rallies every year on May 31. In 2014, Dental Camps conducted Dental Camps in 15 different schools with 15 rotary Clubs where  15,000  school children were screened for their dental health. In the same year, 5000 school children were screened, and 500 powered toothbrushes were distributed to 500 disabled kids.

His Work Towards Dental Care

By 2014, he had already established so much, yet something was missing. To progress with the Women’s Cancer free screening project and Cardiology free screening project initiated by Rotary Clubs, he, the convener, made possible noble projects for 30,000 public that will be screened every year. The mission is to create health awareness in Chennai. He is a strong believer in self-motivation and hardworking and wants to motivate youngsters to be self-made.

A mega event titled ‘SMILE CHENNAI’ was conducted in 2017 in an attest Guinness Record, where 25,000 school children were brought and taught proper tooth brushing in a single venue that bagged the Asian and Indian Book of Records. You can understand how much this man has put his time in making dental or oral hygiene better for everyone.


Behind all his journeys, he was encouraged by two people. One being his late mother, and the second is  Sandesh Mayekar for being a self-made man. He can’t stop expressing his gratitude towards these people. Without them, his journey would not have been the same.

A true man of his word, he has been nothing but generous towards his work. Many patients are fortunate enough to be in touch with him. His work is bringing nothing but good health to India’s healthcare system.

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