Dr. R. Anandan – A Connoisseur of Science and Technology

Never let the flame of learning die out in your heart if you want to accomplish the unsaid.  Let us read on to know Dr. R. Anandan received the title of ‘A man of scholastic values and knowledge.

Though Dr. R. Anandan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he believed in his own merit to take him to great heights.  He has a scientific bent of mind that led him to complete his graduation in computer science engineering from the University of Madras.  Not being satisfied with his achievement, he further pursued his postgraduate degree from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.  Without a pause, his augmented desire made him acquire knowledge and set him to complete his doctorate in computer science and engineering.

Another feather in his cap was when he received recognition from CISCO for completing five confirmation courses.  Today, he takes pleasure in imparting his knowledge to the students who strive to become engineers.  He serves as a professor in the computing sciences and engineering department at Vels Institute of Science, Technology, and Advanced Studies (VISTAS), Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Dr. R. Anandan firmly advocates technological affairs to be instrumental in the growth of the nation.    His insight is not confined to soft computing and high-performance computing alone.  His expanded knowledge entails artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, image processing, 3D printing, and information engineering. 

His teachings have given wings to his students who have achieved doctorate degrees.  Furthermore, his guidance has transformed some of his students into research scholars.  It goes without saying that Dr. R. Anandan’s guidance is an asset to his students and the nation for producing more such scholars. 

He is the author of nine different books on software engineering, functions of hardware and internet, advanced Java programming, big data and handbook beginners guide, and more.

His OOPS concepts in web technology, artificial intelligence, information security, and statistics with R programming are excellent reference materials for computer science students.

Though Dr. R. Anandan could have everything served on a silver platter, he chose to work hard to earn a reputation for himself.  It comes as no surprise that he has won several laurels and awards for his exceptional quality.  He has the honor to receive Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Best Scientist Award for computer science engineering from the BOSE Science Society.   Global Outreach Research, New Delhi has awarded him as the Great Young Researchers in Computer Science Engineering.  The honors granted to Dr. R. Anandan is not limited to the boundaries of India.  He has made a mark for himself by winning prizes worldwide.  He received laurels as a Distinguished Professor by Vedant Academics, Bangkok in 2019.  The Energy Review Elsevier Publication of Netherland and Arabs conferred him for his hundred research papers.

Apart from taking the world of science by storm with his intellect, Dr. R. Anandan, is a noteworthy orator, author, and educator.  His dedication towards his duty makes him much liked by his students and colleagues.  

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