A Full-blown Corporate Personality: His Career-graph Is A Map For Industrial Success

Sujit Kumar Sarangi, well balancing between the Leading MNCs and Indian FMCG Companies, is a Passionate, Accountable, Adaptable, Self-Motivated, and Result Oriented Personality. 

With a total of twenty-seven Years of Experience, including his twelve years with FMCG MNCs such as Cadbury India Limited, SCA Hygiene, and fifteen Years of Experience with Leading Indian FMCG Companies such as Wipro Consumer Care, Patanjali Ayurved, and DS Confectionery, etc., he had a rather impressive career.

Areas Of Expertise

To flex a little about his career choices, we’d like to tell you about his acquaintances with multiple categories of FMCG Non-Food such as Personal Care Products, i.e. Soaps, Talcum Powder, Hand wash, Deodorants, Body Lotion, Baby Care, Baby Diapers, Adult Diaper, Tissues, and Hand Sanitizer, etc.

He has also been well versed with multiple categories of the FMCG Food business such as Milk Chocolates, Health Beverages, Glucose Powder, Sugar-Free Tablets Biscuits, Honey, Chawanpras, Cow Ghee, Edible Oil, Natural Juices, Milk Food Drinks, Noodles, Oats, Atta, Spices, Confectionery, Mouth Fresheners, Chewing gum, etc.

Over these years of his corporate indulgences, he skillfully handled Managerial /Leadership/ P&L roles. His wide Geographical Exposure – started from Eastern parts of India. As their career progressed, gained experience to work in North East, Central India, Southern India, and Western India is another plus to be added in his acquirements.

Again, his business experience in leading Large and Complex Operations to build new business verticals in Wipro Consumer Care, SCA Hygiene Products India Pvt. Ltd, Patanjali Ayurved Ltd (Food Vertical), and DS Confectionery have set him on a benchmark for his subordinates. 

“My Core Competencies are Sales & Distribution, Trade Marketing… General Management with demonstrated success in defining strategic formulation with priorities… to deliver sustainable growth across the value chain, and delivering revenue & market share growth.”

His consistent track-record of sustainable business growths with solid System and Processes in Place, Budgeting, Monitoring Growth, Strategic Planning & thinking along with Team Building, People Development, Talent Management, Cost-Optimization, innovation, brand value-creation, New Product Launchings, is something that amazes even the best minds of corporates.

Mr Sarangi has also handled Sales and Distribution of Leading Brands in different Geography as Cadbury Chocolates, Santoor Soaps, Hand wash, Wipro Honey-Baby Diaper-Bulb-CFLs, and Wipro baby Diapers, Tena Adult Diapers, Patanjali range of Food Products, Pulse Candy and Pass pass Mouth Fresheners, etc.

In an interview with us, he says,

“I was a Key Contributor to establish a Swedish MNC, i.e. SCA Hygiene Products India Pvt. To India Market with a strong GTM Plan, developed the Sales & Distribution strategy and took a leading role in Talent acquisition and Team Building”.

For his extraordinary portfolio and association with mentioned brands, Mr Sarangi has won several awards. These awards are the highest status of honour for any businessman and, in his case, very deserving. The awards are Nationwide Award-2019-on Corporate Leadership by Business Mint, Future of India Business Award-2020’ and Fame Icon Award 2021.

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