With A Dream To Bring Environmental Change, She’s Setting Example For Future Climate Activists

Geethika Venkatesan, the Yadhumadi Integrated Rural And Urban Development Society founder, intends to make the world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, waterways, the ocean, and the environment.

To get a glimpse of her endeavours, we urge you to look at the following services planned by her:

Tree Plantation Service

The initial service, Ms Venkatesan, is looking forward to the Tree Plantation Service.

As you may know, Air contaminants have a problematic correlation with climate change. Some pollutants, including black carbon or ozone, advance warming by imprisoning heat in the atmosphere. While in winter, as sulfur dioxide designs light-reflecting particles, it has a cooling impact on the climate. Hence, to overcome these climatic changes, the NGO plans to plant more TREES.

“Our NGO has planted more than 1,00,000 trees in rural and urban areas in Nellore and Chittoor district.”

Green Globe Motivation

For this purpose, the NGO has dong a lot of groundwork and raising awareness among the younger generation.

We use seminars, awareness programs in colleges and schools to motivate students to make the environment pollution-free and… surveys with poor farmers to uplift their Livestream among the young and old through questionnaires.”

Due to their initiatives, the need for Agriculture for millions of growing people should raise questionnaires about future generations’ needs, like food and air and Water.

Agriculture & Irrigation Assistance

The NGO then wants to shed light on the matter of 80% of global deforestation, which is also a result of Global warming. This is possibly the leading cause of habitat destruction.

India is the most competitive rice exporting country. But, at present, Water scarcity has a large impact on food production. 70% of global water withdrawals are always competing with domestic, industrial, and environmental uses for a limited water supply. Thus, in attempts to rectify this ever-growing problem, many have tried to form more effective plantation methods, and her endeavours stay in the same direction as well.

Helping Poor In Need

There are millions of poor people in INDIA. The NGO can change their lives and give them goodwill & happiness by showing them hospitality and love.

“We care about Old Age, Child, Needy for what they need, and we can give them this even with just a smile and a good deed.”

Being poor does not mandate them to be unusual or unwanted; it’s just a life course they encounter. One must always try to help them whenever possible, and the NGO tries no otherwise.

Plastic Pollution On The Environment On Animals & On Humans

The root of plastic pollution is complete negligence. The pollution succeeds mainly from household waste, which is incorrectly recycled, tossed in landfills, or relinquished in nature. This waste is disseminated through winds, shoved by the rains into sewers, streams, rivers, and eventually in the oceans.

This plastic debris represents chemical pollution in several ways. They include stirs that can be chemically substituted for organisms during ingestion. Some of the molecules are potentially lethal and can amass in the body. Furthermore, plastic bags likewise affect crops’ advancement by impeding the cycle of photosynthesis in agricultural fields.

The most immediate aftermath of plastic pollution is the imprisonment of animals in nets or large detritus. It is a spur of substantial mortality of marine mammals, turtles & birds. A second direct effect is ingestion, which concerns the entire food chain of the marine ecosystem.

Due to the chemical appendices used during plastic manufacture, plastics have potentially harmful impacts on human health. Certainly, exposure to toxic chemicals coming out of plastic can result in cancers, congenital disabilities, impaired immunity, and different health problems.

Therefore, Ms Venkatesan & her NGO invites individuals, organisations, and businesses that share the vision of a world free of plastic pollution to join the Coalition.

Save Water

One of the second most important substances on Earth after the air is water. Water is not a vital part of a human being’s survival. Yet, it is essential for the survival of trees and plants, and the NGO has supervised many save water campaigns and activities that are listed below:

Digging SOAK PITS, Ponds, Wells, and Reservoirs are necessary everywhere.

Lands are drying up due to non-agriculture Activities in so several countries, and Wells, Pits, PONDS, small Reservoirs, and Rivers are drying out in the World, so the temperature does rise as well. People are losing a lot of land and water ponds, small tanks in the name of progress. Humidity in Rural towns and cities boosts every year because of this water problem in the summer season.

In the end, the sole purpose of Ms Venkatesan is to invoke the sense of responsibility in people and the country’s audience to measure the various steps that must be assessed for taking the step ahead to take the ecosystem of the environment in control.

Let us join together in her purpose and encourage others to plant lots of trees in the surrounding for a better future.

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