A Humanitarian, A Teacher & An Entrepreneur: She Is The Biggest Achiever Of 2020 Till Now

Mrs. Harshita Saxena, the newest entrepreneur in the town. Within a year her business took a huge turn, dodging the odds of good deed to shine. Mrs. Saxena is originally from Lucknow but has been staying in Hyderabad since 2009.

She is an educationist, counselor & entrepreneur with overall 12+years of experience in the field of Education. She is also an artist, a musician. Not only in her current entrepreneurship but she has excelled herself in her singing career. With more than 100 awards in numerous competitions, she was interviewed by several leading newspapers. She has music albums of bhajans written & composed by her father Dr. K.K. Saxena who she admires and respects for many causes.

Her recent song on Corona was also appreciated by a few famous & renowned music directors. Talking about Corona, her business emerged at the peak hours of the pandemic. The school, Little Orchids International Pre School has been established in 2020. It was founded on 1st June 2020.

What About Her Business?

As you may realize that her business was founded at the most uncertain time of the year 2020. But it is the purpose that outshines every false alarm. Mrs. Saxena is an independent woman with a headstrong attitude towards life. It is her vision that provided such nourishment to her business.

The purpose of the Little Orchids International Pre School was to provide free schooling to kids whose parents lost their jobs in the COVID pandemic, and with marginal fees to those who are incapable to bear the high fee structure for the education of their kids. Although the purpose is still the same, a few kids at the school now could pay the fees. 

The school started last year in June 2020 and in the very first year itself, she got 60+ enrollments. Presently, 51+ active students are studying in her school. Most of the admissions in her school are through word of mouth.

Was The Experience Scary?

To initiate anything out of orthodox tradition is always scary. But, according to Harshita, she only thought of its purpose. In this journey, she has many to thank. Among others, she specifically mentioned Mr. Prasanna Mandava: Joint Managing Director of People Combine & Mrs. Sunita DeevelaSenior Director of Oakridge International School.

With the help of these people and her parents, of course, she made her endeavors successful. Although the startup was to help the parents in need who lost their jobs, the thought of opening her own school emerged from her old passion and dream of opening a school where kids can experiment and learn. She always wanted to provide a place for kids to try things on their own and learn, whether it’s language or numbers. So, it was a risk, she was born ready to take!

Obstacles Came In The Way

We never expected anything else but a wholesome reply to our question of the struggle/obstacle from her and she didn’t disappoint. She said,

“Struggles are part and parcel of any change you want to bring and is different from the orthodox pattern. When I discussed an idea of opening a school during a pandemic period, for more of charity work where the motive was not to earn money but to help others, it was condemned and discouraged by many people.”

She organized an absolutely free online summer camp – Fun From Home, for more than 30 days during the COVID lockdown period from 23rd March till 31st April 2020.

For her absolute victory for being the smartest & kindest entrepreneur, she also won awards from her organization as a center head for the following categories: On-Time Data Updating, Best Transport Utilizations, Best Teacher Retention, Best Highest Referral Admissions.

At last, there is nothing but great wishes for her future endeavors. She will always be an embodiment of courage, strength, and wisdom to her students.

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