By Overcoming Lots Of Hurdles With Nothing But Self-motivation And The Love Of Her Patients, Dr. Gupta Keeps Inspiring The Nation With Her Selflessness

Oral hygiene is one of the most topmost priorities that everyone would maintain. However, the basic knowledge to maintain this fundamental concept was not taken lightly. There was a gap between the lack of knowledge about the importance of oral hygiene and the lack of initiation taken by the authority to create that awareness among adults as well as the children needed to be filled.

Believing that the mouth is the window to maintaining proper hygiene, Doctor Harshika Gupta opened her clinic to ensure that the populace around her can garner the knowledge needed to preserve that fundamental concept. Starting her clinic, Dr. Gupta’s Denticare in 2008, at the early age of 26, the main aspect of her clinic was to spread the importance of having a healthy oral lifestyle.

Dr. Gupta, who is a doctor by profession and a socialist by passion, tends to establish the groundwork for the maintenance of health around her. Having an independent, adventurous, creative, and compassionate demeanor, helped her to keep walking on a tiresome journey so that she can contribute to society. By taking up tough challenges, by self-motivating herself through the journey, Doctor Gupta has spread smiles on many faces around her. 

“I along with my team have come a long way bringing smiles to patients’ faces. We are happy to make their lives more enjoyable by bringing back their latent smiles.”

The vision behind her clinic:

Knowing very well how important it is to maintain oral health, knowing how important it is to have a smile on your faces, as having bad oral hygiene could throw one into depression, the goal of Dr. Gupta is to provide the clients with a way where she can use her knowledge of Orthodontics to reserve smiles.

Having seven bright attendants in the clinic, who have sworn to protect the cheeriness of the person, they aim to deliver Dental Excellence with compassion. When asked about what their mission is, they claimed that providing the patient with the confidence to smile again is their main mission.

“To provide our patients with an experience that will promote a lifelong relationship that is built on trust, confidence, quality of work, and exceptional patient care.”

Their vision to protect the dental health of the patient through their knowledge and experience, and the passion to eliminate the economical barriers that appear to get in the way when it comes to a patient’s ability to afford a healthy smile, has helped her gain three awards that stand for her excellency. Mrs. India Universe, Woman Of Substance in 2018, Arogya Ratna By Zero Mile Foundation in 2019, and The Real Super Women Along With Women Entrepreneur by Forever Star India Awards in 2020 are her accolades that she wears proudly.

The struggles she faced:

When asked about her struggles, Dr. Gupta confided that managing her profession and personal life as a woman was very challenging. However, her zeal to keep going even in the darkness, even when she was attacked and felt numb on her legs, kept her moving forward. It was the patients’ trust that restored her faith in humanity. It was the love she received for loving others selflessly that she got the power to keep moving forward.

“I was surrounded by negativities from all sides with the only positive thing that motivated me to stand back on my legs was the trust my patients had in me.”

Advice to the young dentists:

Being through a lot, after being overcome a lot of hurdles, Doctor Gupta has only one important piece of advice that she can provide the young dentists in the field of dentistry.

‘Always focus on solutions, not on problems.’

By taking the responsibility head-on with passion and admiration for the field one can achieve success.

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