A Maestro Of His Work: He Is Taking His Brother’s Legacy To a Whole New Level

Rajesh Singh Shekhawat, the owner of Om Shiv Shakti Darbar Seba Trust, leads the 2nd generation in this business with brother Mr. Bajrang Singh.

It was started by brother Mr. Bajrang Singh, the duo taking the business to the next level. It provides the best quality and design display racks to the customers by expanding the infrastructure and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Company and the growth

The company was established in 1987. It is one of the major leading manufacturers of display racks in Rajasthan. The duo is relatively well known in the market for our best quality and after-sales support.

They provide world-class quality display racks in terms of design and strength. Moreover, the design is fully customized for customers. Furthermore, they provide one-stop solutions starting from site visits to designing and installation of the store rack. Besides, they are very well known for our after-sales support.

For the prospect of the business, the duo has recently started supplying racks to Rajasthan and Maharashtra. In addition, they are trying their best to provide great quality products in major states of India.

Inspiration and more

His brother’s dedication has inspired, and his brother’s legacy always inspires them to take the business to the next level every day. Therefore, his source of inspiration comes from brother Bajrang Singh.

To them, there was a struggle to overcome people’s expectations.

“When you join a family business, people think you are born with a silver spoon… you have a well-established business”

However, that’s the only side of a coin; on the other side, there is that expectation in the industry where the business was and where you will take it.

It depends on the next generation. But, nonetheless, they are very happy that they are moving towards a better future in our business.

“Step by step, we keep updating our business and all the teachings that our father has taught us. We are applying those teachings and ethics in our business.”

To them, very few companies are world-classwide. Therefore, they are trying their best to provide quality and design to our customers—the best quality racks in India.

Moreover, the duo thinks every entrepreneur is personal because if you are not unique, you must not be an entrepreneur.

“However, the one quality needed to be an entrepreneur is don’t try to be a boss but try to be a leader in your organization and keep reinventing yourself, that’s it.”

Thus, they are following this in their life. In life, “Who listens to their customer always tries to provide the best support to your customer,” says the brother duo.

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