Isn’t it surreal, taking up a vision of creating a kickass business at 18 and winning over?? Let’s know the man behind: John Varghese K

Growing up in a business family, John Varghese K has always had that sheer passion for impactful business ventures. 

At 18, he started his first venture with a small investment of 2 lakh rupees and from then he never looked back. 

In 2011, John Varghese started Avosys Business Services, a tech company that specializes in web designing, software development, mobile application, digital marketing, and branding. Quality service along with a highly skilled team grew Avosys faster in a short span. 

At present Avosys is one of the successful business ventures with more than 10+ years of experience which involves happier customers all across the country. 

From small ventures to the biggest ventures in Kerala

This young entrepreneur didn’t stop after creating Avosys and continued to create several projects that sustain the livelihood of thousands of people in Kerala. In 2015, he launched a project called “BACKWORKER” which is a work from home opportunity for people who can’t travel to places for work.

While he was enjoying his journey, suddenly something strange hit him and he detected an unseen opportunity again. 

And let me tell you, what he noticed was nothing small but huge in its way. 

He found that his employees are suffering a lot in getting loans from corporations that charge huge amounts prior to giving loans. 

John Varghese K has always believed in problem-solving and here again like always came up with a crazy idea. 

He thought of Paisa Assist solution which helps not just his employees but every salaried staff across the city in getting all types of loans without any charges. 

 At present, Paisa Assist is the largest computerized call center in Kerala operating in the banking sector with the support of experienced staff. 

What major problem your business solves and how impactful it is for the people of Kerala??

We provide customer support with the latest technology which includes Facebook advertisements and several other trending platforms. Our team leaders and customer support executives are glad to serve the customers. So, our customers are satisfied…. replied John Varghese K. As per John, providing all the product details to his customers is a bit challenging. Which is why he along with his team is all set to launch Mobile Application on November 1, 2021, to resolve customer’s problem. 

John Varghese K takes pride while mentioning his business model. From all types of mobile connections such as Jio, Bharti, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea to all types of loans including Personal Loan, Car loans, etc he describes his business as an all-in-one giant service provider for his consumers.  

When asked about how he identified the opportunity in the market? 

By looking for new ideas and implementing them in my business, John replied.

For John K Varghese his dad has always been an Inspiration whom he has seen while growing up and building everything on his own.  

With the mindset of hoping for the best and continue moving ahead, this young spirited soul is all set to open multiple branches of his venture in Kerala and later pan India.  

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