A Man Tries To Provide A Lifeless Lump With Life, Culturally, Artistically And Historically With His Creativity And His Wild Imagination

It has been said that the place that we live in is the bearer of our psyche. It is the mirror through which our personality is reflected, through which our perception is reflected, through which one can get a clear view of the artistic creation that underlies in someone’s mind. But who makes it come to reality?

It is through the imaginative creation of the architecture that one abstract view takes the form of concrete realization. It is through the views and ability of an architect that the dreams of others flourish. Knowing how valuable a role an architect plays in the lives of a person, Ar. Manish Kumawat started a journey through which they can make a difference.

Graduating from University of Nashik, Ar. Kumawat tried to gain experience from real life by working under M/s. Pramod Jain & Associates as an Architect. After gaining the experience he needed, the knowledge he needed to weave dreams of others into reality, Mr. Kumawat initiated his enterprise, The Acme Architects, to give shape to the shapeless.

After bagging multiple prestigious projects in many places, by laying down the foundation for more than 300 bungalows and other renowned buildings In Jaipur and around the city, they got the recognition they strived for. Through their designs.

“The firm undertakes Restoration projects in civil and interior designing as a passion for its work. We have executed a large number of projects related to Housing, Institutional, Commercials, and hotels, etc.”

Mr. Kumawat’s passion for the profession had spread to multiple folds. Hearing the words of his present and past clients, he believes that he has chosen the path that was meant for him, that gives him joy, that gives him pleasure. 

The essence of his architecture:

Architecture is a piece of phenomena that can be seen everywhere. The artistic expression of a human being that reflects the thought process and desires of someone is what makes each piece of creation lively, it is what makes architectural pieces to be called art. Be living that architecture is how we perceive the world, Mr. Kumawat continues to make pieces that will inspire someone, that will give a person his needed calling.

This power that lifeless, yet alive pieces possess is what makes it unique and distinguishable. The pieces, he believes, are a monumental creation, bearing the relevance of historical importance, bearing the cultural symbols.

“The evolution and the development of the society throughout these years, in all aspects, are reflected in the advancement in the field of architecture, be it in terms of construction techniques, materials, etc.”

The encouragement he received:

Taking inspiration from his guru, Ar. Pramod Jain, Mr. Kumawat continued to walk the rough path with a dream in his eyes. Though the struggle of meeting the expectation of the clients in a set budget is always a challenge which is tough to overcome, the encouragement that he received from his parents to keep going in this Rocky Road made him believe in himself.

“Adapting to the client’s needs and trying to convince them about the design ideas and themes has consistently been a challenging area.”

By incorporating strategic planning and the right management solution, the company is providing Low-cost housing strategies to slightly bridge the gap between the living conditions of the HIG and the LIG members of the society.

Advice to the young mind:

Knowing how important one needs to communicate and help them realize their concept, he believes that,

“If you are the greatest architect in the entire world (I do not doubt that you could be), but you couldn’t explain your designs to anyone – you would never realize any of your greatness,”

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