A man who believes in the theory that everything needs to be in proportion and based on this theory named his company MAATRA

Nirav Khant is a well-known architect, and his companion Khushbu Khant is a popular urban planner and interior designer from Rajkot. Both together have developed and headed “MAATRA Architects” in the year 2009. Nirav Khant is the owner of this firm. He studies bachelor in Architecture and has also managed to gain professional experience by working with popular architectural firms. Nirav Khant believes in taking up projects as an architect, landscape designer, and developer as his work speaks for itself. He does not compromise on quality at all. It has been ten years, and his work is well known all over Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Speaking about Khushbu Khant, she completed her bachelor’s in architecture and Urban planning in the year 2008 and stood first in her university. After this, she completed her master`s and got an opportunity to work in Dubai for Oman and Al Raha Beach residency, Abu Dhabi. After her training, she joined the Architectural College IPSA. She always had an interest in teaching skill-based subjects like a design studio and basic designing, architectural graphic techniques, construction, and all about building material, and more. Engaging herself in academics, she also started working professionally with Nirav Khant, the famous Architect since 2009.

They both jointly led the Private firm MAATRA Architects in the year 2010. They both work as a team and give their 100 percent in designing and constructing unique buildings. While designing, we keep the customer`s wants and comfort in the first place. The architecture we make touches the hearts of the clients and makes them emotionally connected with our work. We turn the ideas of our clients into reality through technical excellence and skills. The USP of MAATRA is the uniqueness of design; this makes us successful, and we stand out from our counterparts.

Both of us believe that any construction depends on three things the quality of material being used, design, and the nature of the project. While making concrete decisions about designing and building, these three points are on the top of our list.

As an entrepreneur, adapting to what the client wants and making them believe that our design suits their requirement is the first thing we as architects need to do. We need to make the client understand the motive behind suggesting a particular design for the construction. We also need to make them believe that we exactly do what we say. We both know that every project is different and requires a different perspective. Thus, while taking up a new project, we need to keep in mind the fundamental nature of the project.

Nirav Khant and Khushbu Khant both believe that every project brings new learnings for them. Being aware of different building services is essential while being in the profession of architecture. Architecture is about construction and other services that involve electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and more. Every project requires hardcore planning and needs a layout so that there is no confusion later on.

Nirav and Khushbu both want to expand their business and want to explore new projects keeping designing their domain. We need to set up new strategies of working that help us save time and increase our efficiency. We also need to be upgraded with new technologies and must know what is trending in the market.

MAATRA Architects has been awarded for its best architectural design from CNBC News Channel ( for the affordable housing category in a high rise).

Some more awards are as follows:-

  • The company was featured in HAW Magazine E-Magazine
  • Kumbha Residency Project got published in Architecture, Time, Space, and People magazine.
  •   Project Cloud 9 – AG Reality won the award for a best residential project in Gujarat Real Estate Awards 2014-15
  • Shades of Blue Project got published in The Architect’s Diary E-magazine
  • Khushbu Khant got the India Inspirational women awards 2020

Nirav and Khushbu suggest that time management is the key to success for new entrepreneurs as we all know time is money. Hand-sketching and physical model making always work well in the world of architecture. Anyone who wants to pursue architecture must follow these instructions to be famous for their work, same as Nirav and Khushbu Khant.

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