An experimental fusion dish prep at a House party that led to this unique venture

Pradeep Hulyalkar & Nitienaa Rao & Abhilash Mathew (left to right)

Nitienaa Rao Mathew & Pradeep Hulyalkar – Co-Founders, Curryosity

Serving since 2019, Curryosity’s entry into the F&B category as a one-stop-shop for Indian cuisine, happened in a rather interesting manner. The New Year’s Eve house party of 28 heads triggered them to experiment with food and prepare fusion dishes themselves. And the dishes turned out to be such a huge success, that it made them think of venturing into this field professionally and by the Sep’19, these young energetic professionals got together and launched their venture. However, a lot of planning, research and tasting went behind before setting up shop, as they didn’t want to be just another restaurant. With excitement and glitter in his eyes, Pradeep reveals,

“It took us 8 months, over 900 field hours, numerous tastings, over 400 R&D dishes with 3 Teams, panning across cuisines, defining food consistency, customer satisfaction and kitchen hygiene. Curryosity came into existence with a single mind-set of defining the word “Innovation” in its true sense.”

Presently catering almost 1000 meals per day, this Bangalore based venture launched Corporate Catering in the later months of 2019 with good response from its clients. Curryosity’s kitchen is a harmonious blend of form and function; realistically designed with a high degree of flexibility. Inspired by seasonal ingredients, the menus ensure diversity, bridging the gap between authenticity and modernism. Their services are all inclusive of turn-key event planning & staffing, right from start to finish, with a warm, attentive and efficient approach. Their team comprises of over 25 foodies with the same shared passion for creating and delivering lip smacking food, service and culinary memories for the guests, whether for an occasion, or serving cafeteria food within its flourishing portfolio.

At Curryosity, the roles of the co-founders are completely sorted out. With natural easy-going leadership quality, Pradeep focuses on developing long-term, business-level partnerships with clients, working to drive holistic business results. His work involves executive-level support and strategy for the company’s top clients, business development, forecasting and profit management within the company. On the other hand, Nitienaa is charged with managing kitchen chefs. She takes immense pride in the individual development of those she mentors. Her communication style is exact, encouraging, and clear.

While Nitienaa is inspired by her grandmother, who not only taught her cooking skills but also made her understand the nuances of various spices used in cooking. Food has always plaed a pivotal role around which all celebrations, togetherness, success, failures, and festivals are shared. Hence, that has always been an inspiration. Contrarily, Steve Jobs has been the motivation behind Pradeep’s entrepreneurial journey.

No business has ever succeeded with its share of struggles and the same is true for Curryosity as well. The struggle of raising capital and scaling business played large for this Bangalore based Startup. And while that was on, it isn’t easy to cut corners, compromise on values and deliver a sub-par product or service. Only businesses that manage to weather their growing pains are the ones that bask in the glory. A perfect blend of individuals helps to achieve success, and finding the right team is an insurmountable task, which Pradeep struggled initially.

On asking about the learning experience of her entrepreneurial expedition, Nitienaa opens up, she says,

“All entrepreneurs including me experienced the steep learning curve to success. No one reaches the elm of success without breaking a sweat or feeling all hope is lost. You need to be where your feet are…you need to know who you are and what your core qualities are. It may not always be obvious, comfortable or even smart.”

Starting one’s own venture isn’t an easy task though it might sound all glamorous. Knowing the industry in and out, understanding the customer better, commitment to business, finding a revenue stream etc. doesn’t come easy. It is a learning curve that one learns while on the job and face few failures only to emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneurs have their unique quality by virtue of which they stand out from the crowd and make their organisation shine out of the lot. Both Nitienaa and Pradeep feels, being committed and determined helps. Thinking boldly, envisioning with purpose, drive, and intention to pursue is also essential. One should be fearless, aggressive and have no-quitting mentality. While people will keep finding flaws in your thinking. Don’t let outside distractions or negative chatter distract from the goal one believes in. Instead, welcome criticism and use it in one’s advantage. Being passionate about the kind of work you do, also takes you a long way in your business.

To all the young entrepreneurs out there, Nitienaa and Pradeep has some best of practical advices,

“Feed as much as you want to cook, stay hungry as much as you can to learn. Be an entrepreneur not a wannapreneur. Get to the real world, action trumps everything. Stop thinking and get underway.”

Within a very small time span, Curryosity’s popularity is on rise and it’s evident from the recent awards it has bagged. 2021 has brought in ‘Emerging Food Service Consultant of the Year’ award at the Food Connoisseurs India, along with ‘Best Emerging Restaurateur of the Year’ at the Nationwide Awards Restaurant & Hospitality Awards – 2021, Bengaluru Edition. We wish Curryosity all the very best and hope they keep sailing through.

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