A Never-Seen Before Talent: He Has Exceeded Brilliance In Dentistry Like No Other

Prof Dr. Dharam Hinduja, the HOD and Prof of SJM Dental College and hospital, Chitradurga Director, Dental Department, Aster CMI hospital Senior consultant, Endodontics, Esthetic and Restorative dentist, Access dental care is an overachiever in his field. He has also been a Senior consultant, Endodontics, Esthetic and Restorative dentist at Columbia. Hospital hebbal, Apollo dental, Wockhardt hospital, Annayya hospital, Confident Dental Care hospital, etc.

Dr. Hinduja has a total of 20 years of clinical experience and 15 Years of academic experience. He completed postgraduate training in the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Dharwad, India, and DNB from the Diplomate of National Board, New Delhi, India.

The journey has been long as he started his practice at 24 years and currently he is 44 years old practicing dentists. Dr. Dharam Hinduja is an exalted eminence of a personality with ebullient diligence and a magnetic ambrosial personality. He was a brilliant high achieving student right from his school days regularly bagging proficiencies at school, college, and graduate and postgraduate level. He held the 2nd position in the state postgraduate entrance exams and is a gold medallist. Biology and human empathy.

According to him,

“My passions became my profession in the perfect amalgamation of the demanding and exacting branch of dentistry and its specializations. The innate fervor to do good for humanity is what drove me to this calling. Combined with high tech wizardry and demanding precision this was a dream come true.”

However, teaching remains his primary Raison d’etre. The elucidation of the intricacies of dentistry and driving excellence in future budding dentists drove his passion for teaching.

The Interesting Facts

Dr. Hinduja specializes in the highly precise branch of endodontics that deals with alleviating pain and salvaging teeth with root canal therapy and complex rehabilitation. He also specializes in esthetic and complex restorative dentistry with an emphasis on microscopic dentistry, rubber dam isolation, veneers, and ceramic inlays, bleaching, and smile designs. He has been in the field for over 20 years with over 15 of these also devoted to exemplary academic achievement.

He also has a myriad of other interests and specialties. Music remains his calming influence, and he enjoys profound cinema and believes that traveling opens up new vistas of the human mind. He is moreover an adept swimmer, chess player, quizzer, and debater with numerous awards in multiple linguistic and extracurricular activities. And, to your surprise, he also pursued and has been a news anchor on a television channel.

His Gratitude

This great man for all his legendary endeavors has received much recognition. But all of it he owes to God and my family. He says “I dedicate this award to them. My parents are almighty incarnated who has been my guiding light. They are my idols. My wife and son are the reason for my existence and have been the pillars and guiding lights of my life… I would also like to thank my students for their profuse love and respect and my patients for their unstinting faith and belief in my efforts. My colleagues from all walks of my profession have been beautiful lighthouses of knowledge and guidance. Thank you all”.

Finally, a man of his caliber will alleviate human suffering and contribute to the health of society through his diligent practice and academic excellence along with a sagacious personality and passion to do good and be honest will make him go a long way in achieving a utopian dental fraternity and society, and we believe in that.

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